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Welcome to our on-line catalog and store. This is our only catalog and only store. BIG BLACK BOOTS has been here on the web selling boots since long before the internet became trendy.

BIG BLACK BOOTS has lots of experience doing business this way. We started in 1985 making custom riding boots for equestrians and motorcyclists. We were the first boot store to put our catalog on the internet. We opened up the possibilities for those who appreciate high quality boots to finally get their own pair of these hard to find boots. Now you can get a great pair of boots anywhere in the world, for any reason... work, recreation or play!

We're located in sunny San Diego, California in the USA but we have a very international customer list. We've shipped high quality boots and leather jackets to satisfied customers all over the world.

Wesco engineer, logger and lineman boots, Dehner motorcycle and equestrian boots, Cosmas emergency services boots & Vanson leather jackets. We're named for what we sell... BIG BLACK BOOTS... (Well... brown and tan too... but you get the picture).

These are some of the highest quality work, dress and riding boots and leather jackets made, and they're not widely available. You won't find them at the mall! That's why we're here on the Web.

BIG BLACK BOOTS has been providing these hard-to-find boots and leather jackets by mail order for a number of years, so we have experience working this way. Our clients range from police officers to utility workers to motorcyclists to leather folk.

Some of our happiest clients are women who finally get boots and jackets which fit well.

More about BIG BLACK BOOTS and our boot manufacturers.

Why deal with us?

High Quality:
Boots hand crafted to your specification by Wesco in Oregon and Dehner in Nebraska.
Leather jackets hand crafted by Vanson Leathers in Boston. Wesco Harness Boot
Great Fit:
Wesco & Dehner Boots are available in a wide range of U.S. Men's sizes and widths.
Jackets available in US Men's sizes from 34 through 54.
With our made to order boots, you design your own boots and get exactly what you want. You can specify the type of sole, number of buckles and straps, leather or insulated lining, height (up to 38 Inches), type of leather, etc. etc.
We've outfitted families of motorcyclist, policemen, highway patrol officers, equestrian teams, linemen and fire fighters. We know boots and leather.
Refund Policy:
We're committed to getting you hard to find boots at a fair price. Refund, Change & Cancellation Policy
We treat all of your personal information with discretion and never share that information with anyone not directly involved in getting boots and leather to you. We use secure order forms, encrypt information stored in our database and destroy all storage equipment which has been used to store customer information once that equipment has reached the end of its useful life.
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How to reach us:

We're an internet store. The way to communicate with us is via email: . If you need to discuss your order, please email us your phone number so we can call you. Let us know where in the world you are (so we know your time zone) and also let us know if there is a preferred local time to call you.

If you need to send us a fax, please email us and we'll arrange to receive your fax.

7122 Cather Court
San Diego, CA 92122

All "snail" mail orders should be sent to our address above. There is no retail store there.
It is our mail and web order processing office.

Email questions or comments to

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