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Structural Fire Boots

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Great Price $320!
Cosmas Titan Fire Boot

The Cosmas Titan is a Revolutionary New Fire Boot!


  • High quality 14" leather pull-on structural fire / bunker boots
  • Lightest, most comfortable and technically advanced fire boots available
  • Leather: Thick (6 ounce / 2.5mm) full-grain water, flame, chemical, and cut resistant leather
  • Certified: Meets or exceeds NFPA 1971 (2007 Edition) standards for structural fire boots
  • Pull Straps: Wide, triple-stitch, reinforced leather pull straps - low-profile and snag resistant
  • MidsoleArmor™: combines the functionality of the midsole, ladder shank, and puncture resistant protection into a single-piece. Provides full puncture resistance coverage and thermal insulation for the bottom of the foot. Unique construction is stiff and supportive in the heel and arch areas, yet flexible in the forefoot area to allow your foot to flex naturally.
  • Internal Shin Guard: Internal, lightweight, waterproof tibia guard in Kevlar® sleeve.
  • External Shin Pad: Made of abrasion, fire, and water resistant Kermel® fabric with a reflective background
  • AnkleArmor™: Contoured protective ankle guards for protection and increased comfort
  • Achilles flex point: so boots flex easily and comfortably at the heel
  • Safety Toe: Corrosion resistant, anatomically shaped steel safety toe exceeds all relevant standards for protection
  • Micro fiber suede heel slide: Boots slide on easier and then stay on
  • Heel pad: Internal heel pad cushions heel and detents the heel to prevent slipping
  • Protective Rubber Toe Cap: Abrasion, chemical, and flame resistant nitrile rubber
  • Insole: Texon®, anti-microbial; wicks perspiration and dries quickly; lightweight with excellent flex endurance
  • Footbed: Triple-density, removable footbed made of Cambrelle®, felt, and ergonomically molded EVA. Wicks moisture and dries rapidly. EVA provides cushioning.
  • Outsole: High traction, abrasion resistant, electrically insulating, oil, flame, and chemical resistant, nitrile rubber outsole equipped with ergonomic HeelRoll™ and ToeSpring™ to promote a natural walking motion. high profile ladder grips to prevent slips. Specially formulated compound provides superior traction without sacrificing abrasion resistance or durability
  • Thermal Barrier: Boots are fully lined with a four-layer thermal protective and moisture resistant lining: Cambrelle® quilted to a 6 oz. Nomex®/Kevlar® felt thermal barrier, laminated to Stedair® 305 moisture barrier, laminated to a protective tricot liner. Provides thermal & moisture protection and cut/puncture resistance
  • Padded Collar: Soft, full-grain leather-bound padded collar for superior comfort
  • Comfort Padding: Thermal insulating, open cell polyurethane foam padding strategically placed throughout the upper for superior comfort and support
  • Construction: Tough, fire-resistant Kevlar® thread throughout
  • US Men's sizes 5 - 13 (half sizes) & 14, 15
    D, E, and EEE widths

The Boots:

Fire boots used to be made of leather and weren't very waterproof. Then rubber boots came along and miraculously kept firemen's feet dry without requiring constant maintenance. But the rubber boots were heavy and got heavier as manufacturers added steel toes, thermal insulation, heavier ladder shanks, penetration protection in the soles and other features to meet the evolving NFPA safety standards. Not only that, the boots didn't breathe… so firemen's feet got hot and clammy

Come the 21st century and boot designers took a fresh look at the job at hand. They started making leather fire boots using up to date materials and techniques. The new, hi-tech materials showed great promise but most manufacturers didn't do their homework.

Many manufacturers used Goretex for waterproofing but didn't provide vents to let it breathe. Result was that feet felt like they were wrapped in plastic… hot and sweaty. The leather construction didn't take advantage of contemporary sole technology and the most basic details like the leather pull loops used to pull on the boots were so flimsy that they often failed.

We know boots. So we looked around for a different, well-designed boot which took advantage of newer technologies while retaining the traditions and skills of great leather bootmakers. Leather boots are lighter and stronger than rubber boots. They fit better and modern materials make them waterproof while retaining comfort and breathability and enhancing safety. The boot which met this goal was made by Cosmas.

We used to carry the Jolly line of fire boots which are no longer available in the US. We were impressed by these boots and by their parent company, Novation Spa. Novation Spa owns several excellent bootmakers including Cosmas, Jolly and TCX (formally Oxtar) who make motocross boots. All of the companies are known for their design of innovative new boots for safety and emergency service applications. Cosmas has entered the US market with several excellent NFPA fire service boots for structural and wildland fire applications. We were very impressed by these boots. Cosmas has innovated brilliant designs which integrate safety features into boots without compromising comfort.

We're proud to be carrying this innovative line of fire and emergency services boots.

How They Fit:

These boots are designed to fit like a shoe. So they match the standard US men's sizes. Unlike many fire boots, particularly traditional rubber boots, they are not loose and sloppy in their fit. Our advice for fitting these boots is to measure your feet to determine your US men's foot size then pick a boot in that size.

They don't include extra room which makes them larger. So, if there's any uncertainty on the size to pick, go up a half size. Some customers say the boots feel slightly small when new (maybe ½ size) but they often find the fit to be just right after the boots are broken in.

If you normally wear extra heavy boot socks, you should definitely go up ½ size from your US men's foot size when you order. In our wear testing we've found these boots to work well and fit comfortably when worn with lighter boot socks.

Finally, we always advise that you avoid cotton socks. See our FAQ discussion about socks here.

Our LOW Price is $320


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