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How to Order:

We use secure, encrypted order forms protected by SSL connections. Each boot or product information page has its own order form linked from several different places in the information page. Just fill out the form for the item you want then hit "Send" --- it's as easy as that.

But please review the additional information on the order form. Each order form is tailored to a specific type of boot or jacket and has additional advice on sizing and options for that specific boot or jacket.

The information page for each type of boot has a link to the order form for that style of boot. The order forms also have a link back to the main page for that type of boot so you can go back and forth.

We also have very detailed information pages on sizing boots and sizing leather jackets.

After reviewing the order form you can fill it out and send it to us by hitting the Send button. And, obviously, you can visit that form without placing an order.

How to Pay | Shipping Info

Security and Privacy:

Our web site's order forms are secured using a Secure Digital Certificate. This ensures that all information you send us via the Internet is protected using highly secure SSL encrypted connections. You can always check to see if your browser is taking advantage of this secure capability by checking the lock symbol Secure Page in the status bar or checking the page's properties.

The information you provide in the order form is handled confidentially by BIG BLACK BOOTS. We do not make that information available to anyone not directly involved in building your boots and shipping your order. In particular, your personal information will NOT be sold or given to junk mailers or anyone else.

See the article on our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about web page security in general.

How to Pay:

We accept credit / purchasing / procurement cards, PayPal and US $ checks.

We also accept Purchase Orders from U.S. businesses and organizations such as police departments and municipalities. U.S. Government orders must be paid by credit / purchasing card. If using a purchasing card, please advise if your organization requires that optional purchase information be provided when we process the purchase. Normally we do not fill in the optional data fields since few customers want or require this additional info.

For US or international corporate buyers our preferred method of payment is credit card / purchasing card / procurement card.

Our order forms are secured using a Digital Security Certificate. This ensures that all information you send us via the internet will be protected using highly secure SSL encrypted connections All the information you enter is encrypted on your computer before being sent to us over the internet.

Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, EuroCard, Carte Bleue and their equivalents.

We do not run the charge for your purchase until we have reviewed and confirmed your order and the boots are scheduled to be shipped or the bootmaker starts to build them.

Charges are in US $ - the amount of the payment will typically be shown on your credit card bill in the currency the card is based on.

Our entire site uses secure SSL connections. Our SSL secured order forms allow you to securely transmit your credit card information. All order information is encrypted on your computer before being transmitted to us. If you need to update or correct your credit card information, please don't email that information. Instead please click here to use our secure, encrypted credit card form.


When you select payment using PayPal, we do not process the payment immediately. Since most of our orders are for custom boots, we review your order, then we include a link to our PayPal invoice in your order confirmation email.

When you're ready to pay, click on that link. We then send you to the PayPal website... once you've signed in, we fill out the order details for you so you don't have to type that in.

You handle your PayPal payment according to the preferences you set up with PayPal. You can use direct bank account debit or most credit cards.

If you're not a member of PayPal yet, click here to sign up now.

PayPal Accepts Most Currencies

We accept International PayPal payments

BIG BLACK BOOTS is a Verified PayPal Global merchant.

$ £ C$ ¥

PayPal can be used for payments from 202 countries using 25 currencies.

Click here for a list of countries which allow PayPal for payments.

These are the currencies PayPal accepts for payments:

Currency - Currency Code

  • Australian Dollar - AUD
  • Brazilian Real - BRL   (only within Brazil)
  • British Pound Sterling - GBP
  • Canadian Dollar - CAD
  • Czech Koruna - CZK
  • Danish Krone - DKK
  • Euro - EUR
  • Hong Kong Dollar - HKD
  • Hungarian Forint - HUF
  • Israeli New Shekel - ILS
  • Japanese Yen- JPY
  • Malaysian Ringgit - MYR   (only within Malaysia)
  • Mexican Peso - MXN
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZD
  • Norwegian Krone - NOK
  • Philippine Peso - PHP
  • Polish Zloty - PLN
  • Russian Ruble - RUB
  • Singapore Dollar - SGD
  • Swedish Krona - SEK
  • Swiss Franc - CHF
  • Taiwan New Dollar - TWD
  • Thai Baht - THB
  • U.S. Dollar- USD

All prices on our website are stated in U.S. dollars. The PayPal invoice we send you will be in U.S. dollars or the currency select on the PayPal section of our order form. The payment currency does not have to be the same as the shipping address. For instance, if you live in the UK but have Euros as one of your PayPal currencies, then you could choose to be invoiced in Euros instead of Pound Sterling. Or depending on the exchange policies and rates for your country, it might be cheaper to be invoiced in U.S. dollars but pay in your local currency or a different currency.

When you choose a currency other than U.S. dollars, we compute the currency conversion for your invoice using the current published wholesale bank exchange rate then add 2.5% to cover the conversion fee PayPal charges us. Sometimes it might be cheaper to make your PayPal payment in US dollars. This depends on the PayPal fee schedule for your country. Check to see what fees PayPal charges in your country.

It may be more economical to pay using your credit card if that card's total exchange fees are lower than 2.5% Most major credit card companies charge a 1% fee above the wholesale bank exchange rate, however the bank which issued your credit card may be unethical and charge a fee as well, even though there is no cost to them. You will have to ask your credit card issuer for an honest explanation of their fees... good luck. predatory U.S. banks have recently started robbing their customers by adding fees up to 2.5% on top of the 1% charged by Visa / MasterCard and others. Predatory banks in Europe have been doing this for years.

US Dollar $ Check

Mailing address:

   7122 Cather Court
   San Diego, CA 92122

You can use a US $ money order, an international money order
denominated in US $ or a US $ cashiers check.

We will process your order once your check clears our bank.

So this is the slowest way to do business with us.

Purchase Order

Police departments, government agencies and corporations,
can use a Purchase Order.


We collect California sales tax at 8% on all orders shipped to California. There are no taxes charged on orders shipped to other states or countries.

Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to custom duties or local VAT / taxes upon arrival in the destination country.

NAFTA update --- we used to have problems with customers being charged custom duties on US goods shipped to NAFTA countries such as Canada and Mexico. Custom officers now seem to have this figured out. The Wesco boots, Dehner boots and Vanson leathers we sell have been manufactured in the USA. No Customs should be charged on any of our shipments of these products to NAFTA countries. However Canadian customers may still be charged GST by customs.

Shipping Information:

We ship throughout the United States, to APO/FPO addresses and to most countries in the world. Click here to visit the U.S. Postal Service web site to see the list of countries and areas served.

UPS, FedEx, Priority Mail and Express Mail International shipments are insured. We email the tracking number for these shipments as soon as we have it.


For standard shipments within the Continental United States, Canada, Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and FPO/APO addresses, we charge a flat rate for shipping. This makes it easy for you to compute the cost of the boots and shipping. The table below shows shipping prices.

We do most USA shipping via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground but use Priority Mail for some shipments such as APO/FPO addresses or when UPS or FedEx cannot deliver to an address such as a Post Office box.

We can provide express shipping on request. Put a note in your order remarks if you need express shipping and we'll show the cost on our order confirmation. We offer discounted express shipping via FedEx.


Shipments to Canada are normally done using Express Mail International. This takes about 5 days. We can also use Priority Mail International service if you prefer. Cost is lower but it takes twice as long and tracking information is less detailed. Please let us know if you prefer Priority Mail.

We can't use FedEx or UPS for shipments to Canada because Canada does not let them handle the import formalities. So you have to hire a customs broker to receive your FedEx or UPS package from the US! eh?

The Dehner, Wesco and Vanson products we sell are all made in the United States. You should not be charged Customs duties on these items but may be charged GST.

Our shipments to China normally get delivered in 2 to 3 days. The 5 days delivery time for shipments to Canada is caused by Canada Customs. They're even slower than US Customs... eh! C'est épouvantable! Shipments to Canada cost about the same as shipments to The Netherlands or Germany... go figure.

Other Countries:

We normally use Express Mail International for shipments outside North America. This is an internationally regulated express service known as "EMS" / Express Mail Service. The US Postal service recently rebranded their "Express Mail" service to "Priority Express Mail" so that customers would confuse it with "Priority Mail". We've kept the old, accurate name on our web site to avoid confusing our customers. USPS Express Mail / EMS service usually provides fast delivery times, insurance and package tracking at an economical rate. Since the price varies depending on the destination country, we charge for the actual cost of shipping and insurance.

We charge you and pay for delivery to the shipping address you provide. If there are any Customs fees or local taxes due, they will be your responsibility when your package arrives.

We can also ship via FedEx International. We have negotiated excellent international rates for our customers. The cost is higher than Express Mail (even with our discounted rates) but FedEx is usually faster than Express Mail International, and FedEx never adds additional fees for delivery or customs processing although they do pass along your country's customs duties and any taxes and collect these from you.

In recent years, government facilities and services in many European countries have been sold off to private corporations by right wing politicians. As a consequence, once efficient postal services are now in the hands of exceptionally incompetent, slow and expensive private delivery firms who pocket the profits but don't always deliver the goods.

Once reliable and prompt Royal Mail package delivery in the UK has been taken over by Parcelforce plc, known more correctly as Parcelfarce. Deutsche Post package delivery in Germany has been taken over by the incredibly incompetent, uncaring and arrogant DHL GmbH which often looses packages and often takes weeks to deliver Express packages. This same pattern of right wing looting of once efficient postal services has been visited on most EU countries by corrupt right wing politicians eager to prove their "government is bad" dogma by making it so.

Outside of Europe, delivery is typically handled efficiently and quickly by real Post Offices. For example we still have fast, professional delivery service in Asia, Australasia and the Middle-East where delivery is handled by real Post Offices instead of privatized delivery pirates.


In the UK, where Express Mail International packages are "delivered" by Parcelforce (Parcelfarce?) they extort "fees" up to £20 from our customers to deliver packages. Those "fees" are in addition to any Customs or VAT due. Since we have already paid for delivery in the UK when the package was posted in the US, this practice is illegal. We believe these extra fees are against International Postal Union regulations. The reason is that they are delaying delivery in order to extort fees from you instead of releasing the packages for prompt delivery. The only fees you are required to pay are the customs and VAT fees, if they have been levied on your package.

Service is exceptionally bad in London E & SE areas "serviced" (bend over) by Parcelfarce's infamous Canary Wharf Depot. In other parts of the UK, service is not quite as awful. Our customers are often not advised when a package has arrived. So we send the tracking number and a link to the US Post Office and the ParcelForce tracking web sites so you can keep track of your package.

We recommend using FedEx in the UK, particularly in London. We'd be happy to quote our discounted FedEx prices for you. Unlike postal packages, cost varies not only with weight but parcel dimensions... so taller boots cost more than shorter boots of the same weight.

Fixed Rates for Shipping

Shipping Method
Continental US UPS Ground
1 to 6 days
Continental US FedEx Ground/Home
1 to 5 days
USA / APO / FPO Priority or Express Mail
varies with destination
2 to 4 days
Other Countries Express Mail International / FedEx varies
see below
3 to 5 days

Express Mail International service is advertised to take 3 to 5 business days to reach you.

Our prices for Express Mail shipping reflect our discounted commercial rates. A pair of our tall Wesco Boss boots, packed in their sturdy shipping box, weigh about 9 pounds (4.1 kg). You can visit the US Postal Service web site to calculate delivery cost. You are responsible for any Customs duties and taxes charged by your country.

You can calculate the price for shipping to your country by visiting the U.S. Postal Service web page which calculates rates for Express Mail International Service.

How We Ship

This section describes our standard shipping practices and indicates how some items are packed and approximately how much some items weigh when packed for shipping. Please let us know if you have special requirements for shipping. We usually pick the method of shipping which is most appropriate, economical and convenient for both you and us. If you have special requirements, please let us know and we'll discuss shipping alternatives with you.

Where Shipments Originate:

Wesco boots are shipped from the factory in Oregon via UPS Ground or Express Mail International. Stock Wesco boots from BIG BLACK BOOTS are shipped from San Diego via FedEx Ground, Priority Mail or Express Mail International.

Dehner boots are shipped from the factory in Nebraska via UPS Ground or Express Mail International or from BIG BLACK BOOTS in San Diego via FedEx Ground or Express Mail International.

Vanson Jackets are shipped from BIG BLACK BOOTS in San Diego via FedEx Ground or Express Mail International.

Package Size and Weight Information:

A pair of size 10 D 16" Boss Engineer Boots (with no leather lining), packed for shipment, weighs about 9.2 pounds / 4.2 kg. The Boss Engineer boot boxes are usually
24" x 15" x 7" ( 61 x 38 x 18 cm ).
The shorter Wesco boots are usually packed in boxes which are
14" x 14" x 6" ( 37 x 37 x 15 cm )

A Vanson leather jacket, packed for shipment, weighs about 8 pounds / 3.6 kg.

A pair of Dehner motor patrol boots, packed for shipment, weighs about 8 pounds / 3.6 kg and is normally shipped in a box which measures 25" x 14" x 5" ( 63.5 x 34.3 x 12.7 cm )

How Long Will it Take?

There are several factors which influence how long after ordering it will take
before you receive your boots and jackets.

Shipping Time

UPS Standard shipments within the USA take 1 to 6 working days, depending on the distance from the shipping point to destination. You can visit the UPS U.S. Ground Service Time-in-transit page for more specific information.

Wesco boots are shipped from Zip code 97056 or 92122
Dehner boots are shipped from Zip code 68105 or 92122
Vanson jackets are shipped from Zip code 92122
Cosmas boots are shipped from Zip code 60085 or 92122
Grinders boots are shipped from Zip code 92122

Priority Mail shipments usually take 2 to 4 days within the continental US and may take a bit longer to other areas.

Express Mail International shipments outside of the United States take approximately 3 to 5 days. In Canada and most of Europe, customs processing can add more time to this estimate.

Manufacturing Time

Wesco and Dehner boots and Vanson jackets which are in stock are normally shipped within 1 or 2 days of your order. Occasionally we ship the same day.

Which boots / jackets are kept in stock?

Anything else is made to order with your particular options and possibly to your custom measurements.

Wesco custom boots usually take 8 weeks or more to manufacture, however the production time is often longer in the Summer and Fall because of orders for the fire boots used by forest fire fighters and lineman boots used by utility repair crews.

Current estimates of production time for each type of Wesco boot are shown on the main page and order page for each type of boot.

"Ready to wear" or off-the-shelf Dehner boots which are not in stock can take up to 8 weeks before they are ready to ship. But they're usually available much sooner since they are constantly in production and always coming off the production line.

Dehner boots which are custom made to measure must be built from scratch and typically take 8 to 12 weeks.

Some factors may cause additional delay. Both Wesco and Dehner close for two weeks in midsummer and Wesco closes for 2 weeks at Christmas.

In the springtime and early summer, Dehner will usually experience shortages in Motor Patrol boots since motor patrol units which are getting back on the road after winter are ordering boots for the new season.

What if the Boots or Jackets Don't Fit?

Our boots and jackets fit the first time! This is because we provide our customers detailed and exhaustive information on both the way each item fits and how to measure to make sure you know your size.

(See our page on sizing boots and our page on sizing jackets)

This is one of the advantages of dealing with an experienced business. We provide you with all of the information needed to make sure you're measured correctly.

If you follow our measuring instructions and don't have any special fitting problems such as abnormally high arches or orthotic inserts, the boots will fit. We've proven this time and again with many satisfied customers all over the world.

If you do have special fitting problems, please let us know so we can discuss your special requirements.


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