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The Jobmaster is the workhorse of the Wesco boot line. Five configurations of this boot are kept in stock.

Jobmaster Please fill out the form below and hit "Send" to transmit it to BIG BLACK BOOTS. Your web browser should display a short acknowledgement with your order details shortly after you hit "send".

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If you can't find the combination of size, width, height, color, sole etc that you want in these stock boots, then we'll make a custom pair to your specifications. For just a few dollars more than the price of a "stock" boot you can have a pair of custom Wesco Jobmaster boots made to your personal specifications. Click here to go to the custom Jobmaster order form.


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Order Details for stock Wesco Jobmaster Logger Boots:

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Style #
U.S. Men's Sizes
BK110100 Black Lace-to-Toe
8 through 12 + 13 D
8 through 12 + 13 E
8 through 12 + 13 EE
RW110100 Redwood Lace-to-Toe
8 through 12 + 13 D
8 through 12 + 13 E
BR110100 Brown Lace-to-Toe
8 through 12 + 13 D $409
low heel
Black Regular
Steel Toe
low heel
8 through 12 + 13 D
8 through 12 + 13 E
low heel
ST210100 Black Regular
Steel Toe
stock version discontinued
still available as custom order
custom only
Black Regular Toe
stock version discontinued
still available as custom order

A larger selection of sizes, colors and other options is available in the custom
Jobmaster boots. Click here to see the custom Jobmaster order form.

Features you chose:

Leather Color: Toe Type:

Click here for advice on choosing the correct size

Don't estimate or just order the same size as some other footwear... measure your feet
to determine what size they are. Order boots the same size as your feet... not the same
size as some other footwear you own.

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Boot Size:   U.S. Men's Sizes

Boot Width:    D=medium   E=wide   EE= extra wide

Note: Wesco boots, like many boots, are designed to be worn with heavy boot socks. They are made slightly large to allow for this. So, if your feet measure US Men's size 9½, then size 9½ Wesco boots, worn with heavy boot socks, will fit you correctly.

If your feet are size 12 or longer, the extra room built into the Wesco boots is proportionally less generous than it is in smaller sizes. You might consider ordering your boots a half size large to allow room for expansion of your feet.
To convert from inches to centimeters, multiply the height in inches by 2.54.

Note: To determine where the top of the boot will be on your leg, measure
up from the heel of your stockinged feet along the back of your leg.
This should be done while in a seated position with the knees bent at a 90 degree angle.

The initial height of Jobmaster Logger boots will be 1" shorter than specified.
e.g. if you order a 16" boot, it will come up 15" from your heel. This is normal
for ALL lace-up boots. Read about this in our Boot FAQ here.

As they break in, the boots will drop about a half inch depending on their initial
height. However lined boots will stay very close to their initial height.

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