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Vanson Sport Rider Jackets:

The Mark 2 Sport Rider series continues the evolution of Vanson's line of Sport Rider jackets.

They look great but these aren't just fashion statements... they're racing jackets built by Vanson -- the premier manufacturer of racing leathers for professional racers. They're designed to be worn by motorcycle riders who demand a comfortable jacket which provides uncompromising protection from the weather and the road.

Vanson's Sport Rider family of leather jackets are the state of the art in every aspect of riding leather design. They combine safety, fit, comfort, armor, visibility and style in a collection of jackets which allows you to choose a jacket with features appropriate to your riding needs.

The common denominator across this line of jackets is the competition weight leather, skilled tailoring and advanced thermal control features. Each of these jackets has a double layer of leather in all impact zones and is made to accept Vanson's interchangeable internal armor.

These jackets can be worn alone or mated to Vanson's technical Sport Rider leather pants using a hidden triple zipper system. The pants share the same design features as these jackets and are specifically designed with triple zips and a stretch panel for mating to these jackets.

These Sports Rider jackets come in two configurations... solid competition weight leather and PROperf™ ventilated competition weight leather.

Sport Rider Jacket Features:

Vanson Logo
  • Competition weight racing leather
  • Designed to accept internal body armor at the shoulders,
    elbows and back
  • Comes standard with Vanson's "CE" armor at Shoulder and Elbows
  • Men's and Women's sizes
  • Tailored to be worn on a motorcycle... sleeves are pre curved to
    your riding position
  • Looks great on you and your bike
  • Good choice if you happen to step off your bike before it comes to a complete stop - reduces road rash
  • Athletic mesh lining for comfort and ventilation
  • Classic snap back mandarin collar won't fight with your helmet
  • Collar closure folds back and snaps out of way when collar is open
  • Double leather reinforced elbows and shoulders help prevent road rash
  • Sleeves zip down to provide an air tight fit
  • Hidden internal waist band adjusts through 4" (10 cm) range with Velcro for exact, snug fit
  • Hidden internal snaps to accept the optional "Streamliner" thermal vest.
  • Three hidden zips attach to Vanson Sport Rider and Technical Sport Rider pants
  • Inside zip pockets plus key pocket in front wind panel
  • Black anodized brass hardware
  • Zippered vents in sleeves and back allow you to adjust through jacket ventilation to maximize comfort without compromising protection (PROperf™ version has no vents since it's made entirely of ventilated leather and is quite breezy already)
  • Each jacket is marked with its unique serial number
  • We provide detailed information on fitting Vanson sport Rider jackets.

Competition Weight Leather:

Vanson jackets are constructed of the finest and heaviest top-grain leather custom tanned to Vanson's specifications. This heavy but supple leather is hand waxed to bring out its unique character.

This is the same leather used in Vanson's famous custom professional racing suits. The jacket's seams are double stitched with extremely heavy gauge nylon thread and only the heaviest hardware is used. The result is a heavy and sturdy leather jacket absolutely unlike the flimsy fashion jackets you'll find in your local shopping mall. This is the real thing. Click here to read more about Vanson's leather.

PROperf™ perforated leather:


PROperf is Vanson's competition weight leather which has had small holes punched throughout so air can flow through the leather. So the effect won't be lost, the inside of the jacket has nylon athletic mesh lining to let the breeze through.

All this means you can have your cake and eat it too. You benefit from the safety of a heavy weight leather jacket and integrated armor while remaining comfortably cool in warmer weather.


One of the more innovative features of these jackets is the ventilation system. The solid leather CSRX has zippered Air Induction Ram (A.I.R) vents in the sleeves and zippered vents in the back which allow air to flow through the jackets.

The CSRV jacket is a no brainer... the entire jacket is made of ventilated PROperf™ leather which is full of holes to let the air flow through.

We carry two styles of Sport Rider Jackets :

CSRX Mk 2 - Men's=CSR2L

Built entirely of Solid Competition Weight Black Leather. Has zippered A.I.R vent (Air Induction Ram - Pat. Pend.) in the sleeves to let air in and zippered vents on the back to let air out.

CSRV Mk 2 - Men's=CSV2

This jacket is the same as the CSRX Mk 2 described above but is built using the PROperf™ Competition Weight Black Leather throughout the jacket. Since the whole jacket, body and sleeves, is filled with vent holes, it does not have the adjustable air vents in the sleeves and back.


Men 32-46Men 48-54
Mk 2 CSRX Solid Leather
- CSR2 Men's
$645 $720
Mk 2 CSRV PROperf™ Leather
- CSV2 Men's
$672 $742

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