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Big Boss This is the popular "Big Boss" Engineer boot. The picture shows a 32" boot with one top buckle and the #100 Vibram lug soles.

These boots normally come with two top straps, however one or both can be omitted. The standard hardware on these boots is nickel, however brass hardware may be substituted if you request it.

The shaft of these boots is constructed of a single piece of leather so there are no horizontal seams to mar their unique appearance. When the tops are rolled down, these boots take on a distinctive appearance similar to that of the boots worn in the 17th and 18th century by folks like the three musketeers.

Instead of wearing these over jeans, we recommend using cut-off jeans. The reason is that the material of normal jeans will bunch up at the leg and ankle. That can be be unsightly and uncomfortable. Of course, if you have breeches or modify some jeans to taper the legs like breeches, those would work fine.

The boots cost $1,339. This price includes custom fitting since all Wesco boots over 20" high are made to measure. Our custom fitting forms give detailed instructions on how to get a correct fit with these unique boots. Here's a brief description of how it's done.

You can expect a pair of these boots to shorten by about 2 to 3 inches as they break in since they flex in both the ankle and knee area. To ensure an accurate fit, this must be taken into account when deciding on the desired height of the boot and when measuring. We recommend deciding on the desired height, then measuring at all of the points marked on the fitting form from the foot up to the knee. The points above the knee are then measured from the desired top position down to the knee. This ensures that the measured areas will be in their correct vertical position after the boot is broken in. As in all custom fitted boots, additional measurements are taken at 4 points on the foot and a tracing is made of each foot.

It is not possible to have tall boots over 20" lined or insulated. This is because hides used to line the boots aren't available in large enough sizes, and because the boots would be too stiff in the knee area.

The boots are available only in the oil tanned leather. The silicon tanned hides are not large enough.

When these boots are ordered in very tall sizes, you should consider having them made with no top straps. The straps aren't needed to hold up the top of the boot since they are custom fitted and the buckle may rub against your hand or arm.

The Wesco Highliner lineman boots, Jobmaster lace-up work boots and Harness boots can also be custom made in heights taller than their normal maximum 20" and 18" heights.

Maximum height available in all styles is limited to 38" until larger cows become available.

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