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EXTURN and EXTURN Duplex – the maritime innovation from MARINNO

Compact, convenient, powerful – these are the keywords which everybody connects with the external manoeuvre system of MARINNO. It’s the innovation of today, which connects Functionality with Luxury and boost the security on board.

Since the beginning of time bow and stern thrusters are practically and popular manoeuvre systems for boat owners. They make the manoeuvre in a confined space or under difficult conditions much easier. But the purchase of a conventional bow or stern thruster is associated with significant effort and many disadvantages. But all these disadvantages are overcomes by the innovative manoeuvring system of MARINNO and the mounting costs were reduced to a minimum.

Even the term „external bow and stern thruster„ is a glimpse of the main Advantages of this novel technology: The complete system mechanism was reduced of a minimum and current optimised displaced outwards. Instead of a conventional cost and space intensive cross channel is EXTURN mounted only with three threaded bolts in the longitudinal direction at any point on the hull – whereas one of the threaded bolts is designed as a hollow shaft and serves the cable routing. This reduces the space required inside the boat, the assembly costs and mounting costs to a minimum.

Because of the external position it’s possible to mount the manoeuvring system of MARINNO both on sailing boats and on power boats nearly without any restrictions as stern and bow thruster. The possibilities of mounting are nearly unlimited. However the flexible mounting position much more significant benefit with in – the optimization of the thrust. Through this optimization the performance of the system can be increased by at least 40% and much lower power consumption. Cause of the completely self-contained system no environmental factors may work on the system and the typically maintenance work on conventional systems can be excluded completely.

EXTURN – for boats with a length from 6 to 14 meters
Thanks to it’s compact dimensions 16.5 cm in cross section, 55 cm length and a weight of only 19.5 kg EXTURN is easy to transport and easy to handle during assembly. EXTURN is available in 4 different power levels so we can offer the ideal solution for each boat type.

EXTURN Duplex – for boats with a length from 14 to 20 meters
In face of two integrated motors EXTURN Duplex – the big brother of EXTURN - also keeps a hydrocyanic design. The dimensions – 16.5 cm in cross section, 98 cm length and only 35 kg – are still very compact and easy to handle. EXTURN Duplex is available in 2 different power levels and completes the EXTURN-serial.

All Benchmarking Results

•The best performance obtained by the ideal leverage – no cavitations
•Easy and smart mounting – without destruction of the hull
•Longest run-time – motor cooling by the seawater
•No waiting and drying time – mountable during the season!
•Least interior space requirements
•Min. 80 % less noise emission
•Competitive system costs – lowest installation and running costs
•Completely maintenance-free – no anode and spare part changes

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