TurboSwing B.V.

TurboSwing® : Revolutionary Water Sport Invention!

The TurboSwing is a semi-circular stainless steel tow bar with pulley for tow rope attachment that turns every outboard powered boat into a boat truly suitable for water skiing, wakeboarding or fun tubing. It is a unique product that offers an unprecedented water sport experience.

Why TurboSwing?
TurboSwing gives you the ultimate experience whether water skiing, wakeboarding or fun tubing
The TurboSwing provides perfect directional stability and response and a tow rope that always remains above the wake. Movements and tricks will flow much smoother. The lower planing speed, higher top speed and ultimate control due to the TurboSwing turns water sport into a fantastic experience.

TurboSwing has a revolutionary and innovative design
The TurboSwing can be mounted on and removed from any outboard motor rapidly and simply, without damaging the boat. The TurboSwing can be easily adjusted in height and provides an additional 10 to 20 hp pulling power. The revolutionary design of the TurboSwing has been awarded the Dutch Innovation Award For Leisure Products and the Seawork Innovation Award.

TowRescue for professional use in rescue operations
The TowRescue has been specially developed for the professional market. It can be employed for towing operations by rescue brigades and work boats. This heavy duty version of the TurboSwing tows with a low attachment point through the pivot point of the boat. The tow bar provides superb manoeuvrability while guaranteeing stability and protecting the outboard motor.

TurboSwing & TowRescue offer additional safety and protection
The TurboSwing and the TowRescue increase the safety of people in the water. In an emergency, you can use the ski/ tow bar to push yourself away from the motor. In addition, the ski/ tow bar protects the valuable motor in the event of a collision.

About TurboSwing
TurboSwing BV is a young, international water sports company. We manufacture the TurboSwing and the TowRescue tow bars (unique and patented tow systems for boats with an outboard motor). We focus on both the leisure market and the professional market for rescuing and towing boats and other floating objects.

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