Swiss Tech, M. Bachmann AG

Innovative protection against seagulls on board

The boat fair season is beginning! SwissTech, a company known for extraordinary innovation, presents its new 'scaregull' for yachts – a product for which many skippers have been waiting a long time.

No more trouble because the birds have soiled the vessel. A clever idea of SwissTech founder Marco Bachmann is the solution: the scaregull. Pull a line from a stainless steel tube to release wires that carrry red balls on their ends and form a circle three meters in diameter. The slightest breeze or vessel movement triggers irregular movements of the balls, which thus scare the birds off in a most animal-friendly way. Application is absolutely simple, the unit is suitable for any vessel size, and the specially developed tarpaulin cover makes it the ideal solutions for vessels moored on buoys.

The first practical application tests of the scaregull were most successful, with one vessel owner writing an e-mail to SwissTech, "The scaregull has really convinced me, eventually there is a simple solution against this dirt on deck!"

Launch prices for end users
Scaregull: € 148.00
Accessories: Mounting foot with ball joint € 68.00
Mounting kit, 3 straps with snap buckles € 35.00
PVC tarpaulin cover blue € 16.00
PVC tarpaulin cover white € 16.00

Exhibitor Data Sheet