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Compact, convenient, powerful. MARINNO’s external manoeuvre system EXTURN – the Innovation, which connects die Functionality with Luxury and makes the docking manoeuvre to a real amusement.

MARINNO, with the head office in Koblach (West-Austria), presented EXTURN first-time in spring 2008 on the Austrian Boat Show in Tulln. This was followed in the months to exhibition appearances at all the renowned fairs in Europe (Paris, Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, London, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Oslo, Istanbul, Athen...)

The Innovation is born
„Primary the external manoeuvre system was developed captive for more security and“, bespeaks boat fan, constructing engineer and MARINNO-stockholder Ing. Hubert Holesz. „However, already after the first really successfully stakes we wanted to offer it to other boat enthusiasts and hobby sailors. All the tested boats keep on course much easier and operate with on a higher level. Also any kind of port manoeuvre, no matter the weather, makes no longer a problem“, so Holesz. EXTURN forms the perfect bridge between Functionality and Luxury.

Benefits to convince
Since the beginning of time bow and stern thrusters are practically and popular manoeuvre systems for boat owners. They make the manoeuvre in a confined space or under difficult conditions much easier. But the purchase of a conventional bow or stern thruster is associated with significant effort and many disadvantages. How much space will be used inside? Which installation costs can be expected? How long the downtime of the boat is by fitting a bow thruster? Does the boat have the necessary hull form such a manoeuvre system? These are just some of the questions that often lead to a single determination: The boat owner decides against a bow and stern thrusters. But all these disadvantages are overcome by the innovative manoeuvre systems of MARINNO. The innovative boat facilities specializing company "MARINNO - maritime innovations" provides the simple, inexpensive alternative for more safety and comfort: EXTURN – the external bow and stern thruster.

Even the term „external bow and stern thruster“ is a glimpse of the main Advantages of this novel technology: The complete mechanism of the bow and stern thruster was reduced of a minimum (16,5 cm lateral cut, 55 cm length) and current optimised displaced outwards. Instead of a conventional cost and space intensive cross channel is EXTURN mounted only with three threaded bolts in the longitudinal direction at any point on the hull – whereas one of the threaded bolts is designed as a hollow shaft and serves the cable routing. This reduces the space required inside the boat, the assembly costs and mounting costs to a minimum.

Development never stands still
Since 2007 MARINNO stands for maritime innovations and therefore they are always aim to upgrade the spectrum of the external manoeuvre system with interesting functions and equipment. The boat fan samples a benefit of comfort and security: the clash-sensor, the under water camera and the fully automatic, wind-depending power control system (operate against drift behaviour) are just a few budding examples.

MARINNO just makes the start of a new range with EXTURN. More novel and benefit orientated products will follow soon and prepare the boaters in the near future not only enjoying the lake, also the simple self-upgrade their trinket.

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