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EXTURN – the revolutionary manoeuvre system with highest quality and functionality makes the installation and the operation to a real amusement.

The primary idea of the conventional bow and stern thrusters comes up in the 70ies and was only optimised marginal. EXTURN was developed by a top-class engineering team with many years of sailing experience. The development started at the beginning of the 21st Century and after extensive long-time tests the product was released for sale in 2007. Also from that time on the further development of the product row and the components doesn’t stand still.

New concept with impressive advantages Due the new concept and the self-contained design implicate incomparable advantages compared to a conventional system. The self-contained design of MARINNO’s manoeuvring system space the infiltration of water and other influences completely out, fire danger and explosion risk are suspended, the system is absolutely maintenance-free. The concept also impresses with the enormous installation and operation convenience and doesn’t need any space at all inside the boat.

Product description
All system components from MARINNO are produced in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the assembling take place in the parent house in Austria. To accomplish an extremely long life expectancy all the components are subjected to endurance for more than 200 hours. This corresponds to a life expectancy of more the 20 years – completely maintenance-free!

Optimal efficiency, hydrodynamic profiling
Due to the flexible mounting option EXTURN is much closer to the bow and deeper below the waterline and achieve a much better leverage as conventional systems. The ventilation of the propeller can be completely bypassed by the lower placement. Due the various factors (mounting possibilities, better leverage, short transverse channel and no ventilation) at least the benefit can be optimised more the 40 %. In addition, the response to the manoeuvre will be considerably reduced – a further gain of security.

Among the accessories MARINNO is a step ahead and gives priority to quality, durability and flexibility.

As the only manufacturer MARINNO integrates an E-BOX in the basic shipment.
• Easy Plug & Play application for up to 3 controls
• Automatic shut down of the controls in the case inactivity (10 min)
• Temperature monitoring if the driver (flashing LED on the control element)
• Gear protection by delay of redirecting
• In addition the E-BOX even allows the access of non-system controls and provides the connection options for the Duplex-driver.

MARINNO uses only water-resistant encapsulated special relays to ensure an extremely high durability. The optimal design prevents the welding of the main contacts even on continuous use and a malfunction can be barred. With continuous current of 200 A it’s possible to ensure the highest possible function guarantee.

By optimising the driving concept (E-motor, transmission, propeller, position) it was possible to get more benefit and a longer hours of operation with less current consumption. Also the possibility of self discharge after longer season breaks was reduced to a minimum. The DC/DC-Charger from MARINNO accomplishes easy and secure charging of a 24-V- batterybank with a special developed voltage monitoring relay protection of the primary battery). The reducing of the used battery capacity also has a further, not minor benefit: compact battery dimensions, less weight = easy to transport

The high quality controls makes the multiple-control-function easy, secured and comfortable. An unintentional interaction with other radio-controlled equipment is excluded.

Joystick with safety button
• Over temperature indication by flashing LED
• No viscous shifter mechanism
• Child-proof lock
• Safety class IP 67

Remote control & Receiver
• Waterproofed and floatable
• Within a short time connectable (Plug & Play)
• Integrated bracket
• Automatically channel switch off for battery protection (after 90 sec.)

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