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HYDROVANE returns to Boot Düsseldorf 2011 – Find HYDROVANE at Logisch Yachts - booth 11D27

What if?

 Autopilot fails
 Batteries down
 Engine won’t start
 Steering broken
 Rudder damaged
 Crew incapacitated

No worries!! HYDROVANE can safely sail you to port in all of these situations - whether it is ten miles or thousands of miles. Let HYDROVANE be your best partner in achieving your dream. For ease of use, versatility and reliability HYDROVANE surpasses all other self steering systems. Let Hydrovane sail you home ......... safely!

What is a Hydrovane?

HYDROVANE is both:
 SELF STEERING SYSTEM - easy to operate, no lines in the cockpit
 EMERGENCY STEERING - Emergency Rudder and Steering System in place - ‘Ready to Go’

The unique HYDROVANE is a 'Next Generation' self steering system - simple in its operaion – sophisticated in its capabilities.

What will a Hydrovane do for me?

A HYDROVANE on your boat will make short handed sailing so much easier, the vessel's motion will be greatly improved and your confidence in your yacht and equipment will be significantly enhanced.

HYDROVANE is your best insurance against the unexpected
 Loss of power
 Loss of rudder or steering
 Loss of autopilot
 Loss of human energy
Enjoy Short-Handed Sailing
 User friendly - easy to operate
 Gives confidence in boat and equipment
Survive against the elements
 Faultless and Steady in All Conditions
 Superbly engineered
 Just won’t break down
 Over 5,000 units built since 1968
Dependable Extra Crew Member
 Doesn’t quit …….. on duty 24 hours a day
 Quietly and naturally performs its duties ....... needs no attention
 Consumes no power …… and never talks back!

Hydrovane International Marine Inc. – In Germany contact Tom Logisch at +49 (33203) 71501 – see

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