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Digital Yacht set course for professional market with Deep Sea division and product line up including Class A AIS Transponder

Digital Yacht (stand 11A28), the UK based manufacturer of navigation and communication products has branched into the professional market with the launch of a new division called Digital Deep Sea. Digital Deep Sea specifically designs and manufactures products for the super-yacht, workboat, shipping, fishing and naval sectors and the first product to be introduced is a fully type approved, Class A AIS transponder called the SmarterTrack CLA1000.

An AIS Class A transponder is a mandatory fit on all commercial vessels over 300 tons and is also required on many smaller passenger carrying vessels. The Digital Deep Sea CLA1000 meets all the global approvals and can consequently be fitted on European, US, Canadian and, in fact, any IMO vessel. The CLA1000 will provide an automatic transmission of the vessel's own position, speed and heading to other AIS equipped vessels within VHF range.

It features a large LCD display which can provide a list of other AIS targets within range and can also provide a graphical target plot. The CLA1000 will provide alarms for Closest Point of Approach (CPA) and Time to Closest Point of Approach (TCPA) for any potential targets on a collision course and Digital Deep Sea also provide a full breakout box to allow interfacing with external alarms as well as with other chart plotters and radars which are AIS compatible.

The unit measures just 195mm x 105mm so is currently one of the world’s smallest Class A AIS systems available. It also incorporates a universal pilot plug which allows quick and easy connection of a PC running electronic chart plotting software. GPS and AIS data can then be overlaid on to an appropriate programme. Digital Deep Sea has also developed their own range of PC programmes and accessory cables which allow quick and easy programming of static data into the transponder without the use of the dedicated display.

Larger pleasure boats and smaller commercial boats that are not mandated to carry Class A transponders, can still benefit in choosing a Class A unit rather than Class B. With more powerful 12W transmissions (compared to 2W for Class B), higher transmission rates up to every 2 secs (compared to once every 30secs for Class B), guaranteed transmission slots, additional voyage data (destination, ETA and number of people on board) and a dedicated display and alarm system, the benefits of Class A can now be gained without paying an exorbitant price premium.

The CLA1000 is priced at 2400 Euros + VAT and comes complete with a GPS antenna. A VHF antenna is also required and Digital Deep Sea has a range of commercial grade VHF antennas suitable for all installations. Visit or call +44 (0)117 955 4474.

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