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Digital Yacht AISnet Base Station makes AIS data available on the web

Digital Yacht (stand 11A28) have developed a new shore-side AIS network receiver named AISnet. It’s like a normal boat installed AIS receiver, but has been specifically designed for use on shore side installations where, when connected via its ethernet connection to the internet, will make AIS targets that it has received available to the wider internet connected world. There’s now a proliferation of AIS viewing sites such as which will accept a feed from devices like AISnet and make the local AIS data available to view on a Google style map in pretty much real time. Some sites charge, some are free and some provide free viewing for those who provide a data feed.

So, if your marina decides to fit one, you’ll be able to see all AIS enabled traffic within range of the site and that makes for a great boat monitoring and tracking device. Fit a transponder to your boat and you’ll be able to get a reassuring fix that she’s still in port! Other applications could include fleet monitoring, port operations control, race control, fishing competitions and passenger ship and ferry time tabling and updates. It’s not just marina’s that might fit one either, there’s lots of “good samaritan” boat owners with suitable waterfront houses that make for a great AIS pick up point.

AISnet uses the same digital, dual channel receiver that is used across the entire Digital Yacht AIS range. AIS transmissions are sent on two VHF frequencies, so the use of a dual channel receiver greatly improves target acquisition capability.

It installs by connecting to a normal broadband router/internet connection via a patch cable and it comes with configuration software, so it’s easy to set up for the relevant AIS tracking websites. AISnet will then relay the AIS data seamlessly across the internet.

AISnet also has a USB output making direct connection to a home PC simple and quick. It also needs a connection to a VHF antenna. It’s supplied with an AC adaptor and AISLite monitoring software which is good for tracking on an attached PC. AISnet is priced at 399.95 EUROS Ex VAT and is available now. Further details are available at or telephone +44 (0) 117 955 4474.

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