Whisper Power BV

WhisperPower hybrid propulsion systems at Boot Düsseldorf


WhisperPower will introduce a complete range of hybrid propulsion systems from 5 to 250 kW at the Düsseldorf Boat Show, Stand 10F17.

The hybrid propulsion system is based on a high efficiency permanent DC magnet motor that powers the propeller, and a variable rpm generator with one, three, five or six cylinders (depending on the capacity) which generates electric power and charges the batteries.

The Li-ion batteries then provide the energy supply for the propulsion, hydraulics and/or other power consumers onboard, with or without the use of an inverter. The batteries can also be charged via shore power or, when using the sails, via a shaft generator.

The systems are equipped with intelligent integrated management technology. This starts the generator automatically and increases rpm when power demands increase, and slows down the rpm or switches off the generator when the power demand is reduced.

WhisperPower was recently commissioned to develop the complete hybrid power and propulsion systems for the two J Class yachts Yankee and Rainbow currently under construction at Holland Jachtbouw.

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