One 40

Text: Michael Schaaf
Photos: Sönke Lorenzen

There can be no doubt about the One40 being the first really new sailing yacht of the 21st century. She combines functional design, pioneering construction techniques and grand sailing characteristics. The cockpit and the ample saloon offer the comfortable space of a typical cruising yacht. A design like that of the One40 nevertheless calls for a race version with backstays, a tiller steering and a main sheet traveller as wide as the cockpit almost neccessarily.

Sailing characteristics
Frontstay sags without backstay
Tacking angle 70 Grad
Manoeuvrable as a dinghy
Responsive rudder
Very good sailing characteristics
Easy to handle and to trim
Manoevrability with engine
Under deck
Control panel difficult to reach
Bright interior rooms
High headroom in the pantry
Comfortable seats in the saloon
Two quarter berths beneath the saloon's bench
Cockpit and deck
Levers of water ballast easy to trip over
Only two winches
Main sheet run on targa bow without traveller
Collision bulkhead
Carbon fibre bowsprit
Footholds provide secure grip for helmsman
Clear view for helmsman
Very efficient anti-skid surface
Clear deck layout