Hyde Sails Ltd


Hyde Sails, initiated by Edward Hyde and Keith Musto and operational since 1965, is the result of the dream to create the best and fastest sails ever made for the Flying Dutchmen class. Inspired by the great success they had with the FD, Hyde and Musto started a production line of sails, which in all details should fulfil the highest standards of quality, comfort and durability.
Again most successful: Started off with a small production team in the UK, currently Hyde Sails is one of the largest volume sails producers worldwide, continuing developing the technology, design, durability and production of sails, from dinghy boats to ocean racing yachts.
The total production of Hyde Sails is placed in a Hyde-owned sail loft in the Philippines by a well skilled and enthusiast team of 260 employees, and an experienced design team under permanent Hyde guidance and control. Beside the dedication to make excellent sails, taking good care for fair circumstances and good wages of their employees is evident for Hyde: one can only speak about quality when it is integrated in the total conduct of business.

Selling excellent sails asks as much attention as making excellent sails. A boat as well as a sailor needs to be fully understood. To keep up high standards from development and production to the treatment of the customer, Hyde Sails choose to work with a global network of selected distributors: mostly experienced sail makers, not uncommon at home with wind, water and cloth.

Currently Hyde Sails is developing a new network of distributors in Germany. At the moment Bert Koeman, owner of ZigZagZeilen in Medemblik and Dutch importer of Hyde Sails, represents Hyde Sails in Germany. Koeman is well known in Germany as a solid, and innovative sail maker, with a clear vision on comfort, speed and quality in sailing, appreciated by his skills, creativity and good advices.
As initiator of the Dutch distributor’s network, Bert Koeman experienced that the co-operation with other sail makers has lead to a huge concentration of knowledge, which is a benefit for both the customer and the distributor: nearly every question can be answered and nearly every boat is known in his distributor’s network. Above these experiences, they all found out the surplus value in the combination of “delivering the better of two worlds”: their experience in designing and advising, and the skills of the Philippine production team, It is because of this surplus that Dutch distributors proudly prefer to speak about “our employees in Cebu”.

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