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Malö 47 Classic - world debut at Düsseldorf Boot 2011

Malö 47 Classic

During the boat show in Düsseldorf in January Malö Yachts, Sweden will launch the new flagship of the Malö range, the Malö 47 Classic.
The Malö 47 remains true to Malö Yachts heritage, and brings a host of new design features.

Fredrik Forsgren who is the designer explains Malö Yachts' design philosophy.

- Malö's history dates right back to 1939 so developing a new model is to blend our past and our future. When we change the design of a Malö it is not for the sake of change, but to include a function we have developed. The driving force is to evolve our design and bring a new look but ensure that every feature delivers the optimum balance of style and function.

- Malö 47 feels like a yacht that will take you round the world in complete comfort and safety, due to the high quality components and materials we have chosen. Every aspect is solid and robust – made to withstand the challenges of long distance sailing. The deck and cockpit are planned to suit the long distance sailor. Every detail has been considered, down to the stanchions, pulpit and pushpit which are stronger and higher. We have also incorporated just the right number of grabrails in just the right places to move around safely on deck and below.

- Throughout the interior our ambition has been to bring together the lines of the design and styling with the function and the natural lighting. With larger portlights and hatches we maximise that natural light but also optimise the interior for the lower light of dusk and dawn and the dark of night. In accordance with our tradition we let the skills of our craftsmen shine through in the interior. Everything is hand built here at the yard.

- Malö 47 is a long distance yacht. She is incredibly stable and safe, sharing the same seakeeping qualities as the other boats in the Malo range. The fact that we join the deck and the hull before we start to work on the interior makes us quite unique among boatbuilders, this gives unsurpassed strength and a hull which doesn't creak and squeak in heavy seas. In a change from our current design, the Targa arch is angled slightly aft which gives extra volume under the sprayhood and means we can create an enclosed space for the watchkeeper when conditions are unpleasant. With a screen defroster and heater this means you can be warm
and snug whilst sailing even at this time of year at our latitude.

- A safe, comfortable and exclusive long distance cruiser, is how we describe our new flagship, many new features, excellent use of natural light and improved sailing qualities come together to create the ultimate Malö, the 47 Classic.

For more information contact MD Per Johnsson at Malö Yachts.
Tel: +46 705 90 46 90 E:

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