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Malö Yachts includes with each new boat a 10-year hull warranty.

All new Malö Yachts are from 2011 protected by a 10-year hull warranty.

We will stand behind the boat for 10 years from the date of original purchase. As owner you can also pass on the remainder of the warranty to the next buyer. ”Its our intention to strengthen our customers confidence and we offer this because many
customers today are asking for the manufacture warranties”, says Ulf Mattsson at Malö Yachts.

Malö Yachts management has, in front of Swedish Malö Club members gathered at the Scandinavian Boat Show in Stockholm during autumn, pronounced how they will tackle the future with upgrades, new solutions, while maintaining a focus on great quality and good customer relations. All members and Malö owners were pleased over the seriousness in Malö Yachts efforts and goals.

Kay Kjellgard, chairmen of the Malö Club Sweden commented on Malö Yachst new hull warranty of 10yrs - ”Its a good thing for Malö Yacht coming buyers but I dont know anybody though, among us Malö owners, that have had a problem in the past, but it will certainly
affect new buyers to feel more secure”.

For more information please contact Ulf Mattsson, Malö Yachts 00 46 708 592 201

Malö Yachts established in 1939. Malö Yachts builds cruising yachts for Blue water sailing from 10.9 m - 17.5 m (36 ft - 47 ft).

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