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New features on Shipman carbon sailing yachts

Carbon yacht line with new features
Shipman with gimballed salon and carbon standing rigging

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Monfalcone (Italy) 16.01.2011

Shipman presents two new features on the first yacht built in the new shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy. The luxury single-handed pilothouse high-performance carbon yacht line in size of 63, 72 and 80 feet with performance spirit, recently also successfully taking part on major regattas, features the Hall Spars SCR/S carbon standing rigging. The unprecedented full panoramic salon view is now completed by a fully gimballed settee and table of salon. Greenline 40 Hybrid, Skagen 70 and many other novelties are coming from the Seaway Group.

Seaway, the builder of the Shipman brand, company with almost 30 years of history and 33 Boat of the Year titles, started to build the Shipman in Monfalcone, Italy.The new yard has direct access to the sea and sports the Europe’s biggest milling machine. Shipman 63, 72 and 80 are currently in production. The plans for the bigger sister a100 footer were presented in april at the last Shipman Cup, a yearly gathering of the owners and members of the Shipman family spread all over the world.

Tradition and expertise
“Since the very beginning it has been our tradition to work closely with top world experts in most extreme sailing conditions in regattas like Vandée Globe or America’s Cup,” says Japec Jakopin, one of the two brothers founders. Seaway is the leading boat design, engineering and tooling company working for production boatbuilders.Beside Shipman, Seaway builds Skagen power boats and Greenline 33 Hybrid, the revolutionary green newcomer of the last season.

Carbon standing rigging
Shipman’s unprecedented full panoramic view from salon and other extraordinary features awarded in the past are now complemented by two new novelties. Hagazussa III, on show in Cannes, has the new Hall Spars SCR/S carbon standing rigging. Aerodynamically profiled, this type of standing rigging is lighter and produces less windage and drag than any other existing system. This gives the boat quantifiable speed improvement.

Ambient intelligence on board
The second feature, the heel adjustable salon settee and table , can be easily put in the category of ambient intelligence. Sensors calculate average heel of the sailboat and send information to two cylinders that regulate the settee level. This automatically aligns the settee with water level and offers great comfort to the sailors during sailing with the heeled boat in a seaway. This feature is one of the most important innovations in single-handed racing and allowed Shipman co-engineer Michel Desjoyeaux to win the last round of the world single handed race in comfort.

Novelties for all Seaway brands
Seaway R&D department has brought many fascinating improvements in the past creating over 250 sail and powerboats and the innovative energy is still producing new ideas that can be seen on products of all three brands owned by the group.
Greenline 40 Hybrid is based on the success of her smaller sister, the Greenline 33 Hybrid. Introduced in September 2009 the Greenline 33 found over 100 owners throughout Europe in the first year. The new model is designed as a larger yacht of the same philosophy of efficiency and comfort, while protecting the environment and the owner from noise, smoke and waves.
For Greenline was developed the tank-tested and protected Superdisplacement hull which shows optimum performance in all sea conditions. Its benefits - comfortable, safe ride, easy manoeuvring and low running costs - are included also in the new Skagen 70. This raised pilothouse motoryacht offers long range voyaging, self sufficient capacities and systems for long distance cruising now improved with this registered innovation of Seaway.

Carlo Giordano, the director of the new Shipyard, summarised the plans for Shipman brand: “The production capacity of the Monfalcone shipyard and experience gained in building of almost 40 customised carbon boats with use of most sophisticated technologies and materials opens us the possibility to approach the market group of sailing enthusiasts with precise requirements. We consider to enrich the Shipman brand, in last years focused on the carbon line, with a new line featuring the unique style, reliability and speed necessary for ocean crossing, but for a more value-oriented price than other customised boats.”

Shipman’s History in Brief
In 1968, first Shipman was built on the island Visby, Sweden. In two decades Shipman becomes one of the best known sailing brands in Scandinavia and Northern Europe . In 1992 Shipman 8 m One Design is born, designed by J&J design and built by Seaway. Ten years later Shipman is acquired by Seaway and the development of the first carbon-built Shipman 50 starts. In 2004 Shipman 50 wins the European boat of the year title over all categories. A year later Shipman 63 sets sail and wins European boat of the year title in 2006. The success continues with Shipman 72 and 80 launched in 2008 . Almost forty Shipman carbon yachts are now cruising the seas around the world.
The owners and other members of the Shipman family annually gather in April at Shipman Cup. This year the perpetual trophy was won by the Nadejda team.
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