Dominator International GmbH


The Dominator brand not only stands for unique design, beauty and luxury but also, and indeed especially, stability of value.

Dominator does not aim to satisfy short-term fashion trends which often make no sense. On the contrary, its philosophy is to create a unique, technical masterpiece with a consistent value, that will withstand both gale-force winds and the turbulence of the world-economy.
The company combines the following features in order to do this:
- prizewinning Italian design;
- modern German and international technology of the highest possible standard;
- the expertise of internationally-acknowledged nautical research institutes;
- carefully-selected, highly-experienced staff, who receive continuous training;
- top quality, certified materials and finishes;
- and a high level of customisation, which enables Dominator to consider and satisfy its clients’ demands in the best possible way.

In 2011, Dominator will offer faithful, long-term clients the chance to have a certificate of value, guaranteed by both the shipyard and a bank group, thus underlining the company´s quest for high-quality standards. This certificate of value can be cashed at any time and will also include an extended shipyard guarantee of up to five years, special investment protection for owners of new and pre-owned Dominator yachts.

The Dominator fleet currently ranges from D620, 680 - 720 - 780 -860 to 29M 36M - 40M.

In 2011, Dominator will also significantly extend the following product ranges:
with regards product mix width
- Navetta D750
- Navetta D950
with regards product mix depth
- Dominator Classic
- Dominator Avantgarde
each in the sizes ranging from Dominator D550 to 60M megayachts.

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