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Kid’s Sea Camp Palau moves dates to summer month

Sam’s Tours to host program for third time, teaching children to share their parents’ love for the ocean.

Sam’s Tours, Palau’s premier dive center, will host the educational fun-filled event from August 19-28, 2011.

Kids Sea Camp is an adventure for families that love the ocean. The objective of the camp is to promote awareness of marine related issues, with a strong focus on conservation. The program is centered around a variety of activities teaching new and fun things about the oceans with both education in a classroom environment and a hands-on program that teaches age appropriate curriculum: SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth), Seal Team (learning the first basics of scuba diving in an enclosed shallow environment), Junior Open Water Certification (scuba diving training for children ten years and up) and the Teen Ocean Discovery program (advanced programs for certified divers, working on continued education and certifications). Parents are also provided unique opportunities to learn about the marine environment while diving each day.

Palau provides the ideal setting for the program. The destination is perfect for families because it caters to all levels of divers, as well as non-divers. With shipwrecks and sunken airplanes, some in shallow waters, everyone can experience the history and culture of the former German colony. Families can go to German Channel and experience for the first time ever what it is like to dive with Mantas. Moreover, it’s one of the few places in the world where even youngsters can safely dive wrecks, reefs, and see big animals. Just off the dock off Sam’s Tours, there are mandarin fish to see along with many other macro critters. A family swim in Jellyfish Lake is fun and the more adventurous go out for a shark dive at Blue Corner.

And Sam's Tours provides the perfect infrastructure. With several boats dedicated to the event, parents can dive with kids or the kids can dive with other kids their age. The boats enable dive excursions to different depth levels, so each child can dive within their age and depth restrictions. Non-diving family members can choose from several great activities, including snorkeling, island tours, history and culture tours, surfing, shopping or relaxing in a spa.

Dermot Keane, Managing Director of Sam’s Tours and father of four children, says: “Palau and its people truly stand for family friendliness. And at Sam’s Tours especially, where our local kids mingle often with the children of the guests, it is fun and satisfying for both parents and our staff to see how easy kids overcome ‘cultural barriers’, have fun together and jointly explore our pristine underwater treasures.”

Marc Bauman, Sales and Marketing Director of Sam’s Tours adds: “We are thrilled about the new dates for this event to take place in summer and truly hope to welcome European guests this year. While families in Europe still tend to think that travelling to Palau is tedious with children, the travel time from the US takes often much longer and occurs sometimes even higher costs for airline tickets. Yet, the parents always state at the end of the week how grateful they are that they were able to show their children this beautiful part of the world and expose them to a very unique ocean awareness program. Seeing all the kid’s happy faces is the best proof for us to continue offering Kids Sea Camp in Palau.”

The program language is English. More information about the supplier and the event:

Booking contacts
Direct at www.familydivers.com or Sam’s Tours at www.samstours.com.
Bookings through local agents and tour operators available as well.

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