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Experience more with the professional staff at Sam’s Tours Palau

International instructors and marine biologists enrich divers’ experience with interesting facts about the marine life of Palau.

Palau is internationally renowned for its biological significance to the Earth's natural environment.

Palau, one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth, is home to a substantial number of endemic species. Often times diver’s surface with questions about some of the unusual creatures and coral that make Palau so unique. Certainly one of the six marine biologists or four naturalists working as guides and instructors at Sam’s Tours can provide the answers they are looking for. A hands-on biology class at its best!

Palau’s premier dive center has focused on excellent customer service and overall diving experience since it opened 20 years ago. The staff is handpicked providing an international blend of different nations and cultures. Sam’s Tours 22 Instructors and guides from 12 countries (Palau, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, UK, Greece, US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines) lead divers through the underwater wonders of Palau. As a five star PADI facility each instructor and guide is PADI certified and courses are taught according to those standards. Technical divers can rely on the support and knowledge of the two technical and one rebreather staff members currently on staff.

Sam’s Tours is a member of the Quality Divers Association, an international network of dive centers committed to the highest level of quality and overall guest experience. To achieve this standard, guides and instructors must have at least 200 dives on the reefs of Palau before being allowed to lead Sam’s Tours customers. Diver to guide ratios is kept low to provide for more personal interaction and better safety.

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