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LANC Remotes

This LANC remote control is specially developed for the Canon and Sony Professional to control all functions of the camcorder.

LANC remote control are available as mono- and as a stereoscopic version.

As stereoscopic version the remote is perfect for mirror rigs as well as other stereoscopic constructions since this remote can even control each camera individually. For example it is possible to use the cameras lens shift to align the images or setup the correct orientation for a mirror rig (by mirroring or flipping the image).

All functions work in stereo mode (both cameras get the same command) or as single control of the left or right camera. The single control allows controlling the lense shift of each camera individually. This way it is possible to adjust vertical position very accurate as well as adjusting the convergence by shifting the lenses without ending with images showinf a keystone distortion.
For a 3D mirror rig you can adjust the image orientation (mirrored/flipped) for each camera individual. The single control also allows to change all setting individually like color correction which is needed for 3D mirror setups to correct the color shift resulting from the half mirror.


Camcorder on/off
Start/Stop recording
Control of 8 zoom speeds
Focus Control: Autofocus on/off, Push Autofocus, Expanded Focus, man. Focus
White Balance Control: Indoor, Outdoor, Kelvin, Preset A, Preset B, man. White Balance
Iris- Shutter- Gain Control
Assign Button 1 to 6
Menu Control: Menu, Cursor up, down, right, left, Set
Play Control: Start, Stop, Pause, Menu, Cursor up, down, right, left, Set
LED displays for operating status
Abrasion-and splash-proof keypad
Rugged and splash-proof housing
Mounting bolt for mounting on tripods
The ergonomic design and layout of buttons allows you to control many functions with one hand
Lanc cable 90 cm
Housing Color black (RAL 9005)
Dimensions 140x62x24,5 mm without bracket bolts (L/W/H)


Only for:
Canon XF100/105 und XF 300/305

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