Grammer AG: Growth trend continues

Amberg, November 09, 2011 – With positive results for the third quarter of 2011, Grammer AG continues its growth trend this year. The automotive supplier and manufacturer of seating systems for commercial vehicles saw revenue in the first nine months increase by 19.7 percent to EUR 810.4 million (2010: 677.0). Group EBIT was up 56.5 percent to EUR 36.0 million (2010: 23.0). The EBIT margin improved to 4.4 percent (2010: 3.4). Net profit after tax in the nine-month period was EUR 15.8 million (2010: 8.9), 77.5 percent higher than the prior-year period.
As in the preceding quarters, the positive earnings performance in the third quarter of 2011 was driven by good development in all segments of the vehicle industry worldwide. Group revenue in Q3 beat the already strong prior-year quarter by 17.4 percent at EUR 272.9 million (2010: 232.5). Group EBIT improved to EUR 10.2 million (2010: 8.1) and after tax profit in the quarter was higher than Q3 2010 at EUR 6.1 million (2010: 1.0).
Exhibitor Data Sheet