Whisper Power BV

Complete energy systems from WhisperPower at Boot Düsseldorf

At Boot Düsseldorf four new power systems will be introduced, varying from the Basic Comfort System, a small solution for yachts longer than eight metres to the sophisticated Royal System for yachts up to 25 metres with a wide range of power consumers onboard.

The Basic Comfort system is the smallest system. It consists of a 3.5 kW Whisper Power Centre sine wave inverter/battery charger, a remote control panel with energy monitor, shore connection with isolation transformer (optional) and a set of long-life GEL power batteries.

The Advanced System consists of the GENVERTER 7 i, a variable speed generator that supplies 24 V to the onboard batteries and/or 230 VAC power via the WPC (Whisper Power Centre) inverter/battery charger, Power System Control Panel with built-in battery monitor and a set of GEL batteries. It can feed the complete DC and AC board system. Total 230 VAC power rating is 7 kW, sufficient for electric cooking, air conditioning, a washing machine or dishwasher and other 230 V devices. ‘Silent power’ is supplied by the highly reliable and efficient sine wave inverter (3.5 kW) that can also serve as a booster in case of limited shore power availability. The three-stage battery charger supplies a charge current up to 90 A. The system enables complete plug & play installation, with the application of variable speed permanent magnet technology providing considerable savings in fuel consumption. Also available for 12 VDC and 48 VDC batteries.

The Admiral System was developed for yachts and small professional vessels longer than 12 metres. Its total capacity is 9.5 kW with sufficient peak power to start inductive loads. It is based on the super silent WhisperPower SQ 6, 1500 rpm generator, of which the AC output is connected directly to the WhisperPower Centre. Additionally, the Whisper Power Centre has a shore connection, with the option of an isolation transformer. The Power System Control Panel (PSCP) controls both the Whisper generator and the 3.5 kW Whisper Power Centre inverter/battery charger. A shortage of shore power can be compensated by the Whisper Power Centre via the batteries. The system is equipped with WhisperPower High Density deep cycle AGM batteries for 700 full cycles.

The Royal System offers the perfect solution for yachts and professional vessels longer than 16 metres. It is based on the WhisperPower SQ 12 (12 kW) basic generator, linked to two parallel connected Whisper Power Centres of 3.5 kW. The total system capacity is nearly 20 kW, while the ‘Silent power’ is 7 kW and the charge capacity 180 A. The system can also be three-staged (3x400 VAC) with three Power Centres. Royal Systems are supplied with 2- VOLT GEL power traction batteries.

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