Outremer Yachting

The Outremer 49 Best Boat in USA

The American Sail Magazine just announce its "Best Boats" 2012. The Outremer 49 is elected "Best Boat 2012" in its category "Deck and Cockpit Layout"!

After the reward of "European Yacht of the ear 2010" title, this honour strengthens the international recognition which Outremer 49 enjoys. This recognition by professionals is combined with a true success for customers around the world; in fact more than 20 yachts have already been sold in more than 10 countries!

Here are the key points identified by the journalists after the sea trial during several days:
The deck layout:"After a few hundred miles sailing this boat we found nothing about its deck layout we wanted to change", "One or two crew can manage the boat easily "
Tillers: "Our favorite features were the three different stations - tillers outboard on each hull (each with a comfy steering seat), plus a conventional bulkhead-mounted wheel" "It truly is an ideal arrangement".

Exhibitor Data Sheet