Conrad Pischel Bootsbau

New Pischel Ribline MV 650



Just like its younger brothers, the MV 650 is an absolute space marvel. The GRP proportion of this offshore ribline boat matches the overall length of this masterpiece. In the nick of time you may change the aft seating bench into a comfortable extra couch. On your request, we will rearrange the huge storage box in the stern section. We can change it into a custom-made cabin with a toilet compartment. The outer and inner layer of their huge main hatches are mirror-finished gelcoats.
We provided the boat with two big swimming platforms ensuring that you can get in and out of the boat comfortably despite the wide out-board engine.

The boats of the MV class have the following features:

State-of-the-art vacuum infusion technology for manufacturing the boat hull
Maximum weight reduction combined with increased stability
Sandwich construction to enhance the strength of shape
Reduced petrol consumption
Facilitating rough water seagoing rides by the optimized deep “V”-hull
Enhancing the storage volume and the inside length of the boat

Technical details
Overall length: 6.9m
Overall beam: 2.65*m (2.1)
Tube diameter: 56cm
Min weight approx: 690kg (without engine)
Air compartments: 5
Fenderboards: 2
CE-category: B
Max engine output: 148kW (200PS)
Max engine weight: 250kg
Tank volume: 205
Passenger load capacity: 16
Max luggage weight: 1200kg

MV 650 standard equipment:
control panel, Inox holder, steering orbitrol, 205l built-in tank (CE standard fitted), 2 upholstered couches (one in the bow and one in the stern section; all upholstery is closed-porous), bilge pump, equipment rack made of stainless steel, swimming ladder in the stern section, 2 fenderboards and GRP anchor davit, 4 gas springs, 2 GRP swimming platforms

Electrical windlass (see image), stern storage box fitted with toilet compartment

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