Sunstream Boat Lifts


Boat Lift Leader Unveils Industry’s First Consumer Friendly, High-Speed, Portable,
Free-Floating Air Displacement Boat Lift

Kent, Wash. – Sunstream Boat Lifts, the leading manufacturer of high-quality boat lifts and hoists, announced today the world’s most consumer and marina friendly lift, the Sunstream V-Lift™. The latest addition to Sunstream’s range of innovative high-speed boat lifts, the revolutionary V-Lift is designed to be the next generation of air-displacement boat lifts and greatly expand the use of lifts by offering a more practical, leak resistant, higher performance and more affordable solution for most sport, ski, pontoon and fishing boats.
Faster than twice the speed of existing air displacement lifts on the market, the Sunstream V-Lift employs a quad-blower and electric valve system to launch a vessel in 75 seconds and lift in two minutes simply by pressing up or down buttons on its keychain-sized remote control. The lightweight solution operates in as little as 3-feet of water, and is the first free-floating boatlift to fit into a 10-foot wide or larger slip. The
V-Lift can also be side tied.
Complementing Sunstream’s signature dock-with-ease design, the new Sunstream lift provides automatic centering and secure drive-on support to simplify the air-displacement lift user experience. The V-Lift’s level lifting and launching does not require securing the boat to the lift. The V-Lift also provides the highest level of security and peace of mind with four independent air tanks, and a Tank Monitoring System (TMS) that automatically fills the air tanks if a leak is detected.
“Our V-Lift technology brings boat lifts to the mass market,” said Ken Hey, president, Sunstream Boat Lifts. “The V-Lift is a game-changing product because it completely redefines air displacement lifts as we know them today. It makes boat lifts practical for most boaters due to its portability, versatility, performance, durability and price. The remote control and high-speed operation also make it the most fun and convenient air-displacement lift on the market.”
For long-term durability in both salt and fresh water, the innovative V-Lift is constructed of corrosion-proof polyethylene and composite structure, and does not have any hoses that are the primary source of air leaks in current air-displacement boat lift technology.
With attention to detail in styling, the compact V-Lift is also ideally suited for marinas, since it has no leveling brackets and applies no vertical load to the dock. It also does not require a powerpack on the dock as a result of its low-power draw and DC-solar or AC charging options. The innovative lift offers unparalleled portability that allows users to switch slips simply by untying dock lines and tow it by boat. The V-Lift can be snapped together by customers in as little as a half hour without using any tools, and has the capacity to be expanded for use with 7,000 to 10,500-pound vessels by simply adding another pair of tank pods.
Pricing and Availability:
The Sunstream V-Lift will be available for purchase from select authorized Sunstream dealers worldwide beginning in April 2012 for US $6,999. For more information on the innovative V-Lift, Sunstream, dealership opportunities or its complete line of high quality boat lifts and accessories, please call 1-253-395-0500 or visit

About Sunstream Corp:
Sunstream Corporation, based in Seattle Washington, is the leading hydraulic boat lift and hoist manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1996, Sunstream has been recognized as one of the United States’ fastest growing companies in the Northwest. Sunstream’s family of boat lifts integrates modern hydraulics, rugged aluminum frames and eco-friendly materials to create a superior product that provides its customers with the safety and peace of mind they deserve.

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