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Gisatex collection
Gisatex is the provider with the broadest range of wall and ceiling coverings specifically for yacht building in Europe.
Wether elegant suede optics as AMAREE MUSC for the salon or extremely stretchy velours as BELINA and BELINA SUPER STRETCH for the bedroom, GISATEX offers industrial and professional yacht owners a wide range of wall and ceiling coverings. Modern surface materials and technical textiles such as SENSUAL TOUCH to let and offer for your bathroom, pantry and outdoor use. SKYLON ULTRA STRETCH is particularly robust surface as highly flexible. But even traditional products such as AMERICAN or AMAREE HIGH FLEX found in the range of specialists from Reutlingen, Germany, GISATEX. For wall and ceiling coverings SKYLON K with leatherette surface, the customer can choose from over 30 colours. AMAREE LEDRO with new Thermovlies for a better insulation and AMAREE SPORT with a fine perforation of the surface round off the range. For 30 years anniversary GISATEX sets a new limited edition collection. contact:
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