Hydrosta B.V.

Direct Hybrid Drive


Since a few years Hydrosta is involved into the world of Hybrids, by now a known player in the market.
Hydrosta is the exclusive importer of AMK permanent motors for the maritime applications.

AMK Germany is offering a range of hollow shaft electro motors which are completed with axial bearing support to control the axial trust of propellers.
Because of the direct connection to the propeller shaft a parallel drive is possible as a electric drive system. The drive can be organized by a existing generator our a battery set with equivalent power. In normal driving mode the electromotor can be used as a generator to supply the needed electric power on board. Special controllers are available to control this generator mode.

For new and existing situations we offer a range of parallel drive sets in combination with a reduction gear-box and electro mechanical clutch.
All sets can be used in combination with a existing generator set or battery set with equivalent capacity of power to have a complete parallel drive.
Besides the function as coming home device it can also be used for continues drive our driving mode in silent area’s because of the excellent slow drive possibilities.
Because of the use of the electromechanical clutch the drive set can be switched of from the normal main drive and is not running when it is not needed.

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