Seijsener Marina Services

12 meters of tidal range no problem for Seijsener’s pump-out station in Tréguier

Mr. Jean Jacques Furet, the harbourmaster and right: Mr. Jean Le Merdy, deputy mayor of Treguier.
Pumping black water out of vessels and into the public sewer usually isn’t much of a problem. Even if the sewer connections are located a couple of meters above the water level, as is often the case when the marina is located along a river bank, a quality pump out station can handle the difference in height. Usually, a height difference up to 6 meters (this also depends on the total distance that the pump-out station has to cover) is no problem when using the quality pumps Seijsener Marina Services supplies.
The real challenges arise however when one has to take into account not only the height of the bank, but also the tidal influences of the ocean. This situation occurs in the marina of the historic French coastal town Tréguier (Brittany). Here, for a standard pump out station the low tide would create a problem, because frequently, there are 12 meters of height difference to overcome between vessel and sewer. Plus also some eighty meters of straight distance.
Harbourmaster Mr Jean Jacques Furet therefore decided to ask Seijsener Marina Services, the Dutch waste water pump specialist with over 25 years of experience in this area, to work out a solution. Seijsener conceived and constructed a unique pump-out station, of which the construction details are not revealed, but which handles the job excellently.
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