Kungkungan Bay Resort

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The much desired Pygmy Seahorse

Another amazing week in Lembeh and yet again I saw something I hadn't seen before and taught me more about the underwater world.

I was extremely lucky to capture this incredible moment of natural behavior.

Pygmy Squid are, as the name suggests, very small squid. Not an awful lot is known about them. This one was, perhaps, 1.5cm (0.5″) long and is an adult.

It started off when I saw, from a couple of meters away, a squid mating with a smaller male. I immediately got my camera ready and stared to film her. I did not use any lights, as I did not want to spook her.......

December 3, 2012
Genesis…and no, Phil Collins wasn't there.

Each week, on Monday evenings our Dive managers publish the diving blog filled with a complete list of the week’s critter sightings, stunning photography and amazing Video footage of the weird and wonderful that is Lembeh, Kungkungan Bay Resort.

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