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The rare Black Coral Shrimp.

It’s not every day, or even every dive, that we see something that we have no idea what it is. This week, though, saw one of those days and dives.

What on earth (or underwater) is this? I found it on a black sand site, about 16m (50ft) deep. It was moving horizontally through the surface on the sand and was about 5cm (1.5″) long when contracted and about 10cm (3″) long when fully extended. It moved with a peristalsis-like movement, contracting and expanding it’s body like an accordion.

The really strange thing was evident when......

November 26, 2012
What am I?

Each week, on Monday evenings our Dive managers publish the diving blog filled with a complete list of the week’s critter sightings, stunning photography and amazing Video footage of the weird and wonderful that is Lembeh, Kungkungan Bay Resort.

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