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KBR Blog - Blue Rings and Tiny Isopods…

Blue Ring Octopus

Blue Ring Octopus are the gift that just keeps giving this year. It is amazing how many we keep seeing and on so many different dive sites.

We find them on coral sites, rubble sites, black sand sites, white sand sites…but luckily it’s impossible to become bored of these wonderful cephalopods and it’s always a pleasure to see one.

There are so many that even I found one!! I was on a dive with a couple of guests and Jeff (one of our guides). I was cruising along and saw a little pair of eyes looking at me from a half buried plastic cup. ‘Ah ha’ I thought, ‘A Blue Ring!’.. and sure enough it was.

I called Jeff and the guests over. It was a very small Blue Ring and after a short time they moved on…but they didn’t move very far.......

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December 10, 2012
Blue Rings and Tiny Isopods…

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