SWI-TEC, Neveta Náutica S.L.

New scarecrow by SWI-TEC

Scarecrow for mast top
The SWI-TEC bird deterrent has provided yacht owners with reliable protection from seagulls and other birds since this innovative solution was introduced over two years ago – keeping their yachts free of bird droppings. SWI-TEC has been busy developing new products to create a complete bird protection system - last year saw the introduction of the telescopic scarecrow and this year two new products have been added to the range:
Scarecrow for Mast Top - Specially designed bird deterrents keep mast, equipment arches, canopies, and other surfaces free of uninvited guests. The wires and plastic sleeves of the mast top unit with a rotating center section have an effective diameter of one meter and can be infinitely adjusted to any angle, making it impossible for birds to land.
Scarecrow for Spreaders - The bird deterrent units for the spreaders are supplied in pairs and are 50 cm in length. The wires with plastic sleeves make the spreaders an unattractive resting place for birds, resulting in reliable protection from contamination.
Scarecrow for Mast Top, Euro 149,00
Scarecrow for Spreaders (Set of 2), Euro 98,80
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