Fischer Panda GmbH

Small But Packs a Punch

Thanks to Fischer Panda's wide range of 4 kW generators, skippers requiring only little electrical power on board can choose the best suited model for their individual requirements. All generators run quietly and due to their extremely compact design they easily fit even when only limited space is available.

Firstly, The 3,8 kW Panda 4000s EcoPower generator is the ideal entry level genset and very popular among its owners because it is easy to install.

Secondly, the new Panda 4200 CompactPower asynchronous generator is available for the 60 Hz USA market and has a performance of 4,2 kW.

Thirdly, the recently launched Panda 4800i PerfectPower is the latest addition to Fischer Panda’s successful and environmentally friendly iSeries generators with variable speed technology. The Panda 4800i, with an output of 4 kW, uses environmentally conscious inverter technology to adjust the diesel engine’s speed according to the load connected. When compared to a traditional fixed speed generator of equivalent rating, the exhaust emissions and fuel consumption are considerably lower.

All generators are water-cooled and equipped with an upright fitted Farymann engine.

Besides their great value for money, all models are optimally suited for critical installations where the engine cannot be fitted horizontally.

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