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VARTA Relaunch at the boot 2013

The perfect battery for applications with heavy-duty energy demands: the VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM.

Professional range made more practical

Premiere at boot 2013: Johnson Controls unveils new VARTA® brand identity

Hanover – 19 January 2013. Leading battery specialist Johnson Controls will present the new VARTA brand identity for the first time at boot 2013 in Düsseldorf. And this year, the focus is also on the VARTA Professional AGM batteries specially developed for boats and yachts. The Professional range has been adapted and reworked to better suit different marine applications.

Visitors to the world’s largest yacht and water sports trade fair in Düsseldorf have every reason to be excited: at boot 2013, which will run from 19 to 27 January, VARTA will present its new brand identity for the very first time. With its innovative new look, VARTA is giving the brand a makeover and investing in the future. “VARTA has developed from a simple product supplier to one with a strong commitment to service. Whilst our core business continues to be the battery segment with new technologies which are constantly being developed, it’s our range of services that has enjoyed distinct growth. The VARTA name stands for leading technologies and a high degree of reliability. This is also what we aim to champion when we unveil the brand identity,” explains Guido Schädlich, Senior Product Manager at Johnson Controls.

At the trade fair, VARTA’s Professional range will take centre stage. VARTA Professional batteries, specially developed for boats and yachts, have been tailored for special marine applications in close cooperation with clients and can thus deliver a high level of reliability, not to mention a long service life, from starting power through to complex deep cycle applications.

Ideal for heavy-duty energy needs: the VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM
The VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM is the perfect battery for sophisticated applications with heavy-duty energy needs. It has been specially developed in line with the requirements of the latest boats and boasts top performance. Thanks to AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, it’s able to deliver large energy reserves, and so guarantee devices a long-lasting and reliable supply. The battery is maintenance-free and, thanks to minimal self-discharge, is ideal for seasonal use.

Long-lasting and reliable: the VARTA Professional Dual Purpose AGM
The VARTA Professional Dual Purpose AGM is an all-rounder. This starter and supply battery is especially suited to boats with moderate energy needs and, thanks to integrated AGM technology, is exceptionally reliable. With minimal self-discharge, it’s ideal for seasonal use.

The product range is rounded off with the VARTA Professional Dual Purpose and Starter, and the tried-and-tested OPTIMA® BlueTop®. With the VARTA Professional range, boats and yachts can rely on a constant power supply: for everything from interior lighting to marine radio.

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