Fifth Ocean Shipyard, LLC

Remarkable result of sea trials

FOY 24 during sea trials

October 11, 2013 the Fifth Ocean Yachts 24 m, designed by Jaron GInton, starts the sea trials under a charming blue sky in the warm fall of Ukraine. A list of test was performed during the trials with satisfactory results for the shipyard and surveyors. A note of merit for the performance was given to us by Caterpillar, the twin C7 engines propel the vessel at 9.3 knots with 1775 RPM and average fuel consumption of 23 lph.
Maneuverability test reveal exceptional agility during maneuvering. Also the first survey of sound and vibration was carried without the furniture fitted onboard. This will allow Fifth Ocean Yachts to tailor the last detail of the sound and vibration insulation to give the best comfort to the owner and his guests.
The vessel is due to sail for his maiden voyage by March, 2014.

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