PONTOS Hotel de la Technopole

Launch of new concept in winches

PONTOS, a recently created company from Saint Malo, has introduced an automatic 4 speed winch on the market. Present at METS 2012, the winch has been nominated for the prestigious DAME award and was winner of the Observeur du Design Award 2012.
Integrating their 4 speed MARC 4 technology, the company has innovated by creating an incredibly fast GRINDER winch which rotates 6 times faster than competitor winches. Their TRIMMER winch on the other hand develops twice as much power as competitor winches which means that hoisting a halyard can now be done with only half the effort.
PONTOS 4 speed winches respect the same dimensions and price on a size for size basis as standard 2 speed winches. They are available in four different colours and in sizes 35 to 50.
The company also produces a very stylish carbon winch handle available at a very competitive price.
Exhibitor Data Sheet