Brugge Marine Center NV

Shown models

TECHNOHULL AQUAVITE 888: Designed by Adam Younger, aquaVite888 is one of the fastest RIBs in the market. Being able to achieve 60+ knots top speed with single outboard at the extremely low fuel consumption of 1.3 lt/nm, it is most certainly the perfect choice for high-adrenaline trips in eco mode. Its 400 lt fuel capacity makes sure that one can cruise through very large distances in great autonomy. Its comfortable deck and spacious storage rooms make it a splendid choice for every use. Built for single or twin outboards, offering several seating options and a spacious deck with opted separate built-in nautical toilet, this model promises to satisfy both your sport and leisure intentions.


CAPELLI TEMPEST 600 The very popular 570 model has got an update, called the tempest 600. It is not only his 30 cm more length which gives it a more spacious deck, but also the improved deck lay-out of the boat. It has a spacious sundeck in the front and in the back with at the bow a very practical and spacious storage room where you can fit for example skis. The front deck can even be used as a pick nick place with the optional table. Its longer hull off course also improves the seaworthiness and overall handling of the boat. The testboat is exceptionally installed with a Yamaha F150, giving top speeds of around 50 knots. As it only weighs 1220 kg behind your car (without liquids), it is easily transportable by most family cars.

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