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DAN Europe endorses ENOS®-System

DAN Europe endorses the ENOS®-System

The diver rescue system soon to be integrated in DAN quality standards

Rösrath (DE) and Roseto (IT), November 10th 2014 – DAN (Divers Alert Network) Europe has announced the intention to include the ENOS®-System, developed by Seareq e.K., in its HIRA safety standards.

ENOS® (Electronic Rescue and Locating System) is the first GPS-satellite based system for divers, which supports the search and rescue of missing divers on surface. As such, it can really prove to be a life-saving device. Special features: the system operates on its own, independent of coastguards and international MRCCs, making speedy rescue operations possible even in the most remote areas.

From the very beginning, DAN has included within its mission “to work to prevent dive injuries and to promote diving safety”, everywhere and in all conditions. This mission is being fostered through the HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) program, which includes search and rescue procedures for missing divers.

This was a perfect match between DAN and Seareq - explains Pascal Kolb, DAN Europe representative in Germany - as ENOS® made itself well known for speedy, successful rescue operations of divers swept away by currents.

Our target with HIRA is to significantly improve safety awareness in divers and in diving operations - continues Guy Thomas, Exec. Vice President Mission and Operations at DAN Europe - The ENOS®-System could play an important role in supporting the Emergency Assistance Plan recommended by HIRA, which includes a Lost Diver prevention plan. As a result, diving operations will be offered the possibility to adopt and use the ENOS®-System.

A newly designed ENOS®-System, with reduced size and price, will be launched at boot 2015, next January 17-25 in Düsseldorf.
Seareq is very pleased to announce this cooperation - says Seareq Owner Karl Hansmann - This represents a confirmation of the value of our work, as DAN is an internationally recognized association, intrinsically tied to diver’s safety since 1983. The integration of ENOS® into the programs of DAN Europe is really fantastic.

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