Today Seac presents itself on the international market as a

customer-focused and streamlined brand representing

strong business values.

Internationalization of R&D department

The essence of SEAC lies in its R&D department, which is located

in Italy at the main office. A team of engineers and designers

work in collaboration for the conception and realization of each

final product with a strong Italian identity. Today SEAC is considered

one of the best R&D operations in the sector - in facet,

in recent years SEAC has brought it’s experience and expertise

to other companies such as Arena.

Production department

Starting in 2014, the company has revamped itself with a

more modern and extensive production department, which

has become a real highlight for equipment, dimensions and


Moreover, SEAC continues to ensure superior product quality.

Storage capacity

Today the warehouse company, in light of new investments, covers an

area of about 110,000 sqf and can reach a value of stock

at purchase price of around 15 ML. Currently, this is the

biggest diving warehouse in Europe.

Cutting-edge logistics

In the renovation project at the end of 2013, SEAC has adopted

a new state of the art logistics, which together with the wide

surface area dedicated to storage, allows significant increases

in the efficiency and effectiveness of the shipping department.

All this translates into the vast improvement in customer

service, which has always been recognized as one of the

cornerstone values of the company.

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