Holland Warmte B.V. Maritime Booster

Winner Innovation Award

In 2014, Holland Warmte won the prestigious Innovation Award with the Maritime Booster. The Maritime Booster is the smallest professional heating boiler in the world.

Sjef van Malen, jury president of the Innovation Award Drechtsteden, mentions that the Maritime Booster was chosen as winner because "all aspects of an innovation are reflected in the Maritime Booster; Holland Warmte pursues teamwork in order to continue the ongoing process of innovating the Maritime Booster. A good example of this process is that the Maritime Booster is much more environmentally friendly than the first draft." All Maritime Booster models are equipped with a new, modulating and energy efficient pump. This pump is labeled with an energy label A.

Holland Warmte is very proud and honored with the Innovation Award 2014.

Exhibitor Data Sheet