Bakri Cono Shipyard

Heliotrope 65

First Luxury Solar Assisted Catamaran in the World

Heliotrope 65

Further to the whish expressed by an European Lady who wanted a very quiet Yacht when anchored in a Paradisiac Island, the leading Power Catamaran Specialist based in South Est Asia, Albert Nazarov of Albatross Design has “given birth” to the first Solar Assisted Luxury Catamaran in the world…

The Realisiation of this fabulous project has been given to Bakri Cono Shipyard ( www.bakricono.com) who counts amount its technical Comity Members some unique Advisors such as Mr Raphael Domjan (Solar Planet et Solar Stratos) and the Us/ Spanish Astronaut and Cosmonaut, Mr Michael Lopez Alegria as well as an extremely qualify Staff.

Less than 24 months Later Heliotrope 65 ( www.yacht-heliotrope.com ) was proudly at sea with its 2 x 500hp turbo D9 Diesel engines taking her 40 ton up to 23 knots with an ideal cruising speed of 14-16 knots, her 3000 Nautical miles of range, her 35 sqm of Solar Panel producing 7 kwh, monitored by CZone’s technology and thanks to a unique power management program developed by Bakri Cono RD Centre allow the use of the AC, the induction cooker, the water maker, the 2 washing machine… and the use of the 297 led light on board.

Each of the 4 Cabins have been decorated with an amazing style and differently and not less than 8 kinds of wood can be found on Heliotrope…

Come to visit us at BOOT, booth No 15F29 from the to the 17th thru the 25th of January 2015

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