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New brackets for wattandsea Hydrogenerators

The new watt & sea bracket

Several years ago, the first hydrogenerators from France also appeared in cruising boat area; and now numerous yachts are equipped with it. This system produces energy when sailing without loss of journey and almost completely silent. The generated energy can be operate water maker, for example. We supply the right generator for your energy needs together with a hybrid controller to which our high-performance photovoltaic modules can be connected directly, without additional components. For cruisers, we have the generators in 300 or 600 watt version with long and short shafts, and for a higher energy demand or for regatta yachts, we provide you with an individual offer.

Brackets: We are specialized for many years in the installation of accessories of all kinds and is guaranteed to find the right design for your yacht, which we make exclusively of seawater resistant stainless steel.

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