ARC Marine

727Sailbags and ARC Marine combine forces

727Sailbags is a very special French brand that brings highly varied products made of used sails. We are very pleased to announce to you that we have started cooperating with this unique manufacturer.

727Sailbags: an original story

The 727Sailbags collection comprises almost everything: T-shirts, bags, shoes, cell phone covers, interior fittings; even wedding dresses! All these items of clothing and matching accessories are fitted out with small and larger patches of used sails; very cute and authentic on top! Each product carries its own attached authenticity label stating the maritime history of the used sail, the boat it once belonged to and the waters it took. These unique 727Sailbags products are now included in the collection of ARC Marine!

Authentic sail fabric in ARC Marine beach chairs

Several of our beach chairs now carry an added nautical twist as they are fitted out with sails recycled by 727Sailbags. Apart from looking great, these chairs are superb quality as well. And although the sails are used, they look brand-new.

More 727Sailbags?

We intend to enlarge our 727Sailbags collection even further, so that you will be able to lend an authentic nautical twist to your boat; even to your entire home if you like. If you would like to remain posted on the latest news, just subscribe to our newsletter.

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