EWOL is a powerful source of renewable energy

EWOL Renewable ECOSailing Recharging Hidrogenerator

October 2014
EWOL is sponsor and supplier of "Eco-Sailing Project", the tour around the world of four French men sailing aboard Amasia, a 100% electric boat where the EWOL propeller will do its part to produce energy while sailing. An EWOL propeller is able to produce a significant amperage on demand when the batteries require recharging.

With an EWOL Propeller there will be no need to purchase a separate hydrogenerator, you will just need to shift the prop to the hydro-generation position and you will have a much higher amperage thanks to larger blade area of a regular propeller vs a std hydro-generator.
When batteries are then charged the propeller can be positioned easily back to feathering position with a simple operation from aboard.

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