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You now have the chance to hire a sailing boat from Thea Sailing Cunda, from Ayvalik and discover the serene bays of North Aegean.

With its beautiful nature, historical heritage, delicious tastes and mild wind; North Aegean is waiting for you. Thea Sailing Cunda offers you a memorable cruising experience on highly maintained sailing boats where you’ll feel like in your own yacht. You can either hire our boats as a bare-boat or with skippers, who are experts of these waters. North Aegean is a very new and secluded destination for cruising.

You’ll enjoy sailing through the Turkish and Greek Islands. Cultural heritage and culinary feast of North Aegean would exceed your expectations for a unique sailing vacation. Thea Sailing is base on Cunda Island in Ayvalik. Ayvalik, with its 24 islands, lies in northeast part of the Aegean on Turkish coast. Lesvos, lying just across Ayvalik, creates a beautiful route for cruising with its little fishing villages around the island. There are many route alternatives in this area. You can set sail from Ayvalik and sail to Mytilini. From there you can make a tour around the island and visit the villages of Molyvos, Eressos and Plomari and enjoy the natural beautiful bays of Lesvos. Another option is sailing to Lesvos and then to Chios, where you would find again sheltered serene bays and enjoy the food. From Chios you can jump to the Turkish coast to Cesme and then you can sail through the authentic villages like Foca, Bademli and come back to Ayvalik. Moreover, if you prefer to sail to the north part of the Aegean, you can start your voyage from Ayvalik to Assos and Mount Ida region, where you’ll find many historical and natural beauties and continue to Bozcaada. Even in a 2-week journey you can sail through the Dardanelles to Istanbul. In the following part, you can find more information about the places that can be visited.


Ayvalık is considered as an important settlement since ages. It is surrounded with 24 islands and magnificent bays with olive trees and pine forests. Ayvalık’s churches, mills and monasteries from Byzantine and Roman times and unique architecture will make you feel like you’re in an open-air museum. Olive oil is an important part of the culture of this town. You can witness olive harvest and olive oil production in its season. With the best of sea delicacies, vegetables and olive oil, you will have a gastronomic feast while enjoying mild Aegean wind and underwater richness of coral reefs.


Visiting Cunda gives you the opportunity to experience an Aegean island lifestyle. While you walk through it’s narrow streets embossed with stone houses, you’ll deeply feel the culture of this little Aegean fishing village. During the day, you will sail through the islands and savour blue waters and at nights, you’ll enjoy the great variety of delicate tastes at Cunda’s restaurants located just on the water.


Just 15nm across Ayvalık, the 3rd largest Greek island Lesvos faces the North Aegean part of Turkish coast. Capital of Lesvos is Mytilini and around the island, there are many traditional Greek fishing villages and little towns. Lesvos is blessed with beautiful beaches and wonderful landscape with olive trees, pine forests, and wild flowers. There are many historical attractions to visit. Moreover, eating is a memorable experience with various samples of Lesvos cuisine and tasty ouzo. At night, you can enjoy listening to bouzouki. In the harbour, there are also many cafe-bars facing Mytilini bay. Lesvos has always been a favorite location for artists, writers and academics to live. One- week stay is recommended here. By turning around the island, you can visit the small villages and many secluded bays of Lesvos.


Hip but authentic Fishing Village With its medieval castle on top and many little shop on the way down the hill, this place is the most authentic part of Lesvos. You can overnight in this lovable town’s small harbour and indulge in delicious restaurants on the water, cafe-bars or typical Greek taverns.


Ouzo Capital Located towards south of Mount Olympos, Plomari lies with its beautiful scenery of houses sitting on the hill leading down to the coast. There are many Plomari ouzo brands. You can visit their factories to see the production. Both in Plomari and surrounding area, you’ll find clean and clear waters with beautiful colors to enjoy.


Hometown of Sapho On the west part of Lesvos, Sigri is a very sheltered place. You can visit Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest. There are restaurants, specializing mainly in fish, but also in local delicacies. Eressos is also a very important town of Lesvos. It is the hometown of the famous poet Sapho and also it’s history dates back to antiquity. Additionally, with its long sandy beach, it is a very nice place to visit.



The oxygen source of North Aegean After you dock at the port of Kucukkuyu, Mount Ida is only minutes away. While you are in the big canyon of Mount Ida, you’ll witness a natural wonder and see every shade of green, red, yellow and blue… Besides its astonishing nature, these mountains hosted Zeus and many other mythological figures. You’ll love to visit little mountain villages with stone houses and enjoy the magnificent view of North Aegean.


Blend of history and nature After leaving the Platonic Academy, Aristotle came to Assos and opened an Academy in this city. Today you can see the ruins of Temple of Athena, remains of acropolis, gymnasium, agora, and theatre from ancient times. Down on the seaside, little restaurants will serve you delicious meals.


Beautiful Island with valuable vineyards Known for its windmills and vineyards, this typical Aegean island will charm you with its white houses and narrow streets. Around the island, you’ll find beautiful nature and clear waters. In the center there will be many little restaurants, shops, galleries welcoming you.



Turquoise Heaven There are two small islands just across Bademli. Between Kalem and Garip Islands, you’ll find unforgettable turquoise blue waters. Safe place to overnight and enjoy scenery.


Serene Bays to Relax Foca has two districts, the new and the old Foca. Between those two districts, you’ll find many beautiful bays with crystal clear waters. Foca is named after Mediterranean Seal, which loves to live in this rocky habitat. In Old Foca, you can dock at the harbour just near the castle to discover this little town.


Popular Summer Destination Cesme Peninsula has much to offer to visitors. It has many little towns and different bays. You can relax in one of the cozy bays or feel the beat in beach clubs. There are two marinas on the both sides of the peninsula. Alacati is famous for its narrow streets full of restaurants, bars, shops and galleries.


Island full of mastic and olive trees Just 7nm away from Cesme, you’ll reach the center of Chios Island. Around the island you can find isolated bays. Some examples are; on the southeast part, Emborios and on the northeast part, Langada. Moreover, there are many important places to visit on the island like medieval town of Mesta, monastery of ‘Nea Moni’, and black volcanic beach Mavra Volia. With its beautiful houses and restaurants, Oinousses is the little island just between Chios and Turkish coast.


THASOS Emerald Island The most northern island of the Aegean Sea is also called the Emerald Island. With its rich history, archaeological remains and wonderful beaches, Thasos is the place of fascinating nature.


Maldives of Aegean Sea Shaped like Poseidon’s trident and sticking out into the Aegean Sea, Halkidiki is a treat for visitors. Lush green forests that reach right down to the beach and golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters… A traditional style is combined with a rich gastronomic and cultural heritage in this region.


Group of beautiful islands on the west part of the Aegean If you make a 15-day tour, you should definitely include these Islands to your itinerary. Typical Aegean islands with astonishing nature and clear waters but without crowds of tourists will fascinate you.

How to reach Cunda?

Thea Sailing is based on Cunda Island, Ayvalık. Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport (EDO), Mytilene International Airport (MJT) and Izmir International Airport (ADB) are close airports to Ayvalık. We can arrange all your airport transfers upon your request.

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