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Vanclaes Dynamic Trolleys & Racks presentation on BOOT Düsseldorf

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In hall 17, stand number 17C62, it will take place…

The grand launching of Vanclaes Dynamic Trolleys & Racks in Europe. Last month already, experts of aquatic sports got the chance of a small foretaste on the METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in Amsterdam and first dealer contracts were concluded. Is there however a great chance of the product succeeding on the European market, as it has been accomplished by Vanclaes boat trailers before? The former question was posed to Stian Duijvelaar, director and owner of Vanclaes BV, the importer of Dynamic Dollies & Racks from the USA.

“We have believed ever since, that quality, reliability and functionality are primary factors for a successful product. Nowadays, in times of a “throwaway” transient culture, prosperity of a relatively new launched product can be difficult. Nevertheless, we believe that the three mentioned factors in combination with a fair price, will lead to a break through. The aluminium based trolleys and racks from Vanclaes Dynamic can be described as such products. Handy, robust, powerful and nicely designed, but most important to mention is the customization to each boat model. This outlines our distinctive edge: we dig deeper into the progress than simply screwing materials together. We search for reasonable solutions, which make boating more pleasurable and disburden our customers.” To quote Duijvelaar

There is no doubt about the special character of those products. The manufacture and functionality of the diverse trolleys is phenomenal, especially as each trolley is customized boat-specific, a unique appearance on the market. All trolleys are easily dissembled, which enables and facilitates its transportation. Henceforth, Vanclaes provides also Europe with those handy combi trailers and module racks from Dynamic USA. The combi trailer sliding system allows you to position your trolley without difficulty into a boat trailer, where it can be easily fixated. The boat racks made of aluminium provides ideal storage capacity for yachting clubs, marinas and/or sailors who wish to transport and store multiple boats. Through the usage of aluminium and plastics for its production, light weight of the trolleys is guaranteed and a comfortable handling provided. For those, who have had enough of former endeavors with steel trolleys, a convenient alternative is now offered on the market.

Visit Vanclaes Dynamic at the Boot Düsseldorf from 17 to 25 January, 2015.

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